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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - February 7

Data for Staff Meeting

I have some data pieces to share with you in preparation for our staff meeting next Wednesday. If I say "Blue and orange charts" you should be thinking "equity gaps". We have built all of our work this year on the idea that our students below grade level (approximately 65%ile) are not growing, while those on/above grade level are growing. Why is that a problem? Because while achievement is strongly correlated to socio-economic status, growth is not. Everyone can grow. In particular this year, our work around small group instruction has been the fruits of this conversation. Everyone below grade level is in a literacy small group every day, and several teachers are finding ways to see every student every day. Thank you for your focus on this. I'm here to tell you today that, from a reading perspective, your work is resulting in positive change. Click the charts to enlarge.

Looking ahead

Mon, Feb 10 - Building Meeting Time (optional) in library 7:45-8:15

Mon, Feb 10 - Ruth visits 2nd grade for Phonics between 9-11

Tues, Feb 11 - my AWSA mentor for this year (Shane Gayle from Kenosha) will be here in the early afternoon

Wed, Feb 12 - Staff meeting (midyear data)

Fri, Feb 14 - Sunshine Palentine Pizza Party during lunch

Mon, Feb 17 - Peggy Black Collaboration Day (see below)

Mon, Feb 17 - Grades 1 & 2 to Sunset Playhouse from 10:30-1:00

Feb 19 & 20 - Conferences 4-8 p.m.

Fri, Feb 21 - No School!

Feb 17 Collaboration Day

Many of you have met Peggy Black, our Special Ed consultant who has been leading us through the Collaborative project. Our efforts to co-create, co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess are well underway, but February 17 is a day to spend some time again with Peggy to think deeper.

We have 5 floating subs coming that day. In teams, you will have the chance to spend about 1.5 hours with Peggy. Here is a link to our work from September 25, including photos of our work and questions on the last few slides.

Here is the link to the groups and the schedule for Feb 17. One group will be starting at 8:00, and we also needed to avoid the 1st/2nd grade field trip in the middle of the day. If there is something that I missed in the planning, please let me know. Your subs are not filled in on the schedule yet - Roxanne and I will take care of that.

Please reserve 3:45-4:15 after school for a whole group debrief (similar to what we did in September). I'm not sure if we'll use that time since it is the Monday of conference week, but please reserve it anyway.

Structural Items

All Paras & Secretaries - February 28 - All Lakeview staff, including all paras and secretaries, should plan to attend a 2-hour session with teachers on February 28th. The time will include trauma-sensitive topics that will apply to everyone. I am not able to tell you the exact schedule yet (some district schedules are still being set), but as soon as I know, I will let you know. This is paid time.

PTO Staff Basket for Snowball Dance - We decided as a staff to do a "Gift Card Tree" for the raffle. Please give your gift cards to me or Roxanne and we will put them together. Please attach a post-it note with your name on it to your gift card. (Roxanne and I promise not to spend it ... unless it is for China Chef ...)

Whiteboards - Believe it or not, our whiteboards that were scheduled to arrive on January 24th are stuck somewhere in Asia due to Coronavirus. Stay tuned ...

Substitutes - We've done pretty well in a season of illness. We certainly keep Bev's family in mind until her return later this month; we're thankful for Sharon; we've found several new subs that really like Lakeview. We're making it, thanks to everyone's flexibility when needed. One thing that I understand used to happen in the past was classrooms of 40+ kids if we were missing a sub ... some people still seem to be worried that will happen again - please stop worrying. We haven't done that since I came to Lakeview and I couldn't imagine doing it. I approach sub coverage much differently. When pressed, we cover things hour-by-hour with patchwork coverage if we need to, shifting people as needed to make it through a day.

MAP Test results - were mailed home to all families this week. Please be ready to include these results in your parent/teacher conferences. In Fall, teachers gave the results to families at conferences. This time, results were mailed home in advance of conferences.

Kindness Week coin war final total - $961 - Thank you, everyone!

Summer School applications - This past Tuesday, Eric Wightman sent out the link to sign up to teach Summer School. Six weeks of 4-mornings/week goes fast in Summer. Dates are June 22-July 30 this year. Please consider and submit your interest by March 4th. SDSM truly has one of the best Summer School programs.

Conferences - I found out last Fall (but too late) that different grade levels are using different conference schedules. Keep doing your best for now. Next year, we will use a single schedule where all the times align and families will sign up online through Sign-Up Genius.

Tardies - I hope you are noticing a reduction in tardies. Our data tells us that we are making a difference. Anytime a student is tardy, the family is being contacted and asked to please be here by 8:30 a.m.

Link to this week's family newsletter

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.