1984 to Now

"Then you have no fear any more. You're completely free."

V said this to Evey when she was in the prison after weeks of torture. This quote states that if we fear, then we are constricted by the "man". The fact that fear is what connects dystopian worlds to our society today is extremely interesting. It goes to show that in this world everything is controlled by fear. That and how leaders become so powerful. They induce fear upon people. It is a big part of both actual and dystopian society.Like in the movie V for Vendetta the chancellor used fear to show he has all the power.

School Sonnet

They think they can control us,

by throwing us in hell.

All the teachers fuss

when we are not in class by the bell.

They make the rules rough.

They make us suffa.

They never help us, they just bluff.

They think they are cleva.

Take your sweet time,

but it's going to cost you.

Staying after the bell is a crime,

tardies will stay too.

Bell to bell schedule is truely a waste.

So why are we here in this dystopian place.

Dystopian World?

Dystopian societies are societies that are post-apocalyptic, destroyed, and corrupted. We as a nation live in a dystopian world. It is the fact that in this world most countries have leaders that only survive due to fear. People don't seem to understand that when you are afraid to stand up against somebody who is in charge of you it hurts. It makes you weak and that is what they want the fear to do to you. Also, our world is a dystopia because of the different groups of people we have. Like in the book 1984, their world revolves around people of higher power and more money, like the Party. They wanted to control the world and have everyone be the same (Orwell). Still to this day we do the exact same thing. Not only do we separate each other by power and money, we bring in many different situations as well to show the dystopian aspects of our society. People of different races, sexual preferences and others all tend to show how this world is a dystopia. This is because they tend to have many problems with “normal” society. There are many instances where people are discriminated against due to their race, or whether or not that they are gay or straight, or even being different sexes. This world just needs to except the problems that it has and try harder to resolve them. Another reason why this world is a dystopia is because we are living in a world that lacks in privacy. This is also in the book 1984. Although we do not have “telescreens” also known as, the televisions that watch you the government does spy on us and tracks almost everything that we do (Orwell). It is annoying to know that there is always a pair of eyes on you. At least it seems that way. Not only does privacy come into play in this dystopian community but the fact that now most religions are being frowned upon in public places. It is so wrong that people are judged just because of their religion. People should just let it go. Plus this also separates the different types of people in this world, and there even wars that are caused due to this fact.Also, celebrities make this world a dystopia if you think about it. When there is a celebrity out and about around your area there are always tons of people following them. Not only that but probably most of them are actually paid just to follow them and take pictures of them. Why should we idolize people that much? There is no reason to. Now sports on the other hand, they really bring out the beasts inside of people. Think about it, in our nation alone, football controls at least ninety percent of our population. Everybody in the world follows their own sports teams no matter what sport it is. It is just how we live. I would not say that this would make our world a dystopia but each team and its fan base would be considered dystopian. This is due to the fact that each fan base devote themselves to that team and only that team. Some people devote most of their time and money to become even bigger fans. There are many different things that can make this world a dystopia. Probably because we are not perfect and that is fine. But when this world one day takes a turn for the worst we will know some of the reasons why.
Woe, Is Me - [&] Delinquents (Official Music Video)

Dystopian Song

Lyrics to (&) Delinquents :

Visitor come to my room and see all the trash I made.
Stay a while, I'm on the verge of laying it down.
A vagabond, and all his trash in search to find his crown.

Your mind is like a candle stick, my ambitions are constantly burning out.

I'd hate to, rain on your parade,
But everything you know is taken by this flood,
You were blind but there's no hope.
Dig a hole but there's no blood,
Who am I to pretend, who am I to recommend there is something less.
Than timelines and whores that drag you back to the floor, and cut your eyes out.

Find me, oh Saint, I'm bending, breaking, at my knees, praying.
I've exposed, this earth has taken pride in seeing my, most vulnerable state.

I find no humor in letting yourself stray away, from those pictures.
When they cause you to see shame in yourself, you can run from your problems.
But they'll follow you like a trend,
One shot to forgetting, six shots to falling in the end.

I was the king, of kings, I stand for one rule, and one rule for myself, as a man.
I will fall and as my son you've watched it all.

Behind every mask, lies a man, who can't live in his own skin.
He lives by the flask, he bathes in his past, and he dies by his own sins.

This song goes with distopian society because it tells us that in this world things are going to be there to try and cut you down. The world is not going to let you live easily and it is your job to not let people get to you. The song says that "behind every mask lies a man who can't live in his own skin." It is saying that this world is harboring fake people and they will bring you down with them. In 1984 people like Julia and Winston pretend to be something they are not and that becomes their downfall. This world is a place where dreams and hopes are going to be shot down by people who don't like you, or your cause, or anything of that nature. This relates to the book because people try to change you to be like everyone else by forcing you to be fake and where a "mask". They do not want you to be original or better than them. Just like the Party. They wanted to make sure nobody was smarter than them and that nobody can know what they know, so they get in your head and change you to something you are not. This world revolves around fakes and people who want to change you. That is what this song is saying. People can be cruel and change your perspectives on life. You have to take control of your life and do not let someone else control you.

March To End Racial Prejudice

All where Multicolored shirts and march together for 2 miles in downtown Atlanta.

Where: Downtown Atlanta

When: January 5, 2013 at 4:30pm

Dystopian Trend

Sports are a dystopian trend in this world. It involves people who all dress the same and yell at other people who are not the same as them. They are Growing by the masses and this world is filled of them. People gather together and they become animals! It is a dystopian trend due to the fact that we all follow one team and they control our perspectives on other teams whether or not they are good or bad. There are many instances where brawls and conflicts have happened just because two different teams hate each other. This truly is a distopian trend that goes on in this chaotic world.

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