Immigration to Canada in 2060

How Will Immigration Change By 2060?

Immigrants coming to Canada are going higher and higher...

As we all know Canada receives lots of immigrants every year, but the amount keeps rising and rising. What will immigration look like in 2060? Immigration rates are already higher than the natural increase rates, and Canada needs foreign workers to improve the economy. So will immigration to Canada stay this way?

How will immigration look like in 2060?

Canada's economy keeps growing and growing, and the need for more workers and skilled trades workers is growing too. And since most of these workers are foreign workers, this shows that for future Canada, most of the population will be made up of immigrants from other countries. Canada will need more foreign workers if they want to keep the economy strong, so surely immigration will continue for a long time, and increase.

By the time it is 2060, most of Canada's population will be made up of immigrants. Lots of people immigrate to Canada, whether its for a safer place to live or to find a job, hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to Canada every year. Canada actually almost intakes the most immigrants of any country in the world. Canada's immigration rate is already higher than the natural increase rate and continues to go higher.

Immigration to Canada Statistics

A Statistics Canada Minute - Immigration and Diversity

Number of permanent residents in Canada in each class

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So whats the final result?

We have looked at the migration rates, number of immigrants each year, and permanent residents, so what do we think will happen to immigration in Canada? We can safely say that immigration to Canada is, and will stay strong, since the need for workers and the number of people looking for new homes is increasing, and Canada will stay open to these people.