VCR Lesson 7

Katherine Darden

Fill in the blank.

Once Anne set her eyes on an ivy-league education, she became an _______________, making the most of every educational possibility she was presented with.
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The word.


n. a person (or animal) taking advantage of any chance to achieve an end in a forceful or self-serving way






egocentric (more indirect)


(more indirectly)




portus (Latin) "harbor," "gate"

- first known use in 1876

- the word "opportunism" was used in Italian politics, but was introduced to France through the French Third Republic where the Republicans were split into three groups: the Opportunist Republicans, Progressive Republicans, and the Republican Union.

- these Opportunist Republicans thought that balance in the new system could only be achieved by creating an alliance with the urban and rural peasants who were most of the population.

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What's the difference between an opportunist and a dynamo?

A dynamo is a very energetic person that can have hardworking qualities. While an opportunist could be a hard worker, as well, his goal is to gain some advantage in a situation and seizing every opportunity.

Find the sentence in which the bold faced word is used incorrectly.

A. Remy the rat in Ratatouille was an opportunist who knew he couldn't create culinary art with trash, so he took every chance he could get to go to the old woman's house and cook with her pantry.

B. After a near-death experience, Allison realized how precious life was and became an opportunist, making her mantra "Carpe diem!"

C. Callie considered herself to be an opportunist since she was always extremely excited and tended to push her optimistic views on others.

D. Ana opportunistically signed up for five Advanced Placement classes junior year because she is hoping to earn an internship at the White House, and wanted to get ahead of her peers.

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(this dog is an example of the "or animal" opportunist in the definition)

Correct Answer.

C is used incorrectly. A more appropriate word would be "dynamo," because just because someone is energetic and hardworking does not mean that they are opportunists in this context.