How to Make A

Peaunut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich-Nicole D


  • two pieces of bread
  • a butter knife
  • a container of peanut butter
  • a jar of jelly
  • a plate
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Lets Start

  • grad the two pieces of bread and the jelly and peanut butter
  • take the butter knife and grab a little bit of jelly by putting the butter knife into the jar
  • next spread the jelly all of one pieces of bread
  • now take the peanut butter and the other pieces of bread that dose not have spread on it and put the butter knife into the gar and then get a little bit of peanut butter
  • next with the peanut butter on the knife you then spread it onto the piece of bread
  • now since both pieces are layered with spread you then put one of the pieces on top of the other
  • now take the butter knife again and cut the sandwich in half
  • now place the two pieces onto the plate
  • now enjoy!
Peanut Butter Jelly Time with Lyrics!!!


Fun Fact- This meal is less than $7 to make