Fashion and Entertainment

Victorian Age


Balls- Balls brought younger people together from the upper class in a fashionable, enjoyable environment. As a female, after you were presented to society then you were allowed to go the the ball and meet potential spouses. Balls also gave them exercise, and the setting of the ball gave a sense of elegance and beauty.

Dinners- In the Victorian era dinner parties were to show wealth and class and you often invited people from a wealthier class or like wise to show you are prominent in the society. The things on the dinner table also showed your social status, the more exotic and expensive the food you had, the high the class you were. The bigger amount of wait staff you had the richer you were.

Sports and Pastimes- Lawn tennis was a popular outdoor game played by women in the Victorian times. When the game was first created, score was not kept but as time went on men began to play and in became more and more competitive, along with the rules and equipment.

Another outdoor game played in the Victorian era is croquet. It was played on the lawn with wooden balls and mallets. It was the most popular game to play in the Victorian times and it spread all the way to the Americas.

Fishing and hunting was also passed down from the other centuries before the Victorian times and hadn't changed much.

Cricket, rugby, and soccer were normal school events in the ninth century.


Women- Proper clothing for a women covered the entire body from hands to head with gloves and hats, and it was necessarily to wear a corset and have a clenched waist. In the beginning of the Victorian era, women wore skirts with hoops and at the end of the Victorian era the hoop skirt was no longer in fashion. Sleeves were also a big part of the Victorian fashion, they made many different fashion statements. Big hats with feathers and flowers were also very popular at the time. Women would wear dresses with long skirts, long enough to touch their feet. Ankles that were uncovered was very inappropriate. Women wore different outfits during the day for certain occasions such as, a visiting dress, walking dress, riding dress, travel dress, carriage dress, and different types of ball gown dresses.

Men- For the men, they wore pants, clothes, and a jacket. Lower class men wear caps and upper class men wear top-hats. Men also had different outfits for certain occasions such as a riding outfit, hunting outfit, dining in outfit, dining out outfit, and smoking jacket. Nothing changed drastically for men's fashion during the Victorian age, except their coat length.

Men and women- The clothes you wore represented who you were and what your social status was. Wealthy people would wear silk stockings to cover their legs, the less wealthy lower class people wore wool socks. Owning an umbrella was another sign of wealth, you would have to rent an umbrella if you were poor and it was raining. Bathing suits covered the whole body, except the arms, ladies had their legs covered but men could show their calf.