Mobile Update


Happy Friday Mobile Team!!! Few updates coming your way....

Clinical Site Updates


As you may have noticed, we are no longer receiving the faxed pt health history in the charts with the Tolitano pts on a consistent basis like we were before. Sandra talked to their scheduler and she will try to fax these on the new patients only. We will have to get the history on previous patients from the old chart. However, those are sometimes at the site. I think our best bet is to go back to copying the health history after preopping the patient and then placing it in the accordion file that Sally put together a while back. This file is on the nurse preop desk by Ciero. Please put the copied health history in the file under the patient's last name and then it will be there for the patients next procedure. Hopefully this will eliminate some frustration from the patient when we do not have to ask the entire health history all over again. Thanks!

Sub GI

LOOK A LIKE SOUND LIKE DRUGS!! Please be very careful when stocking at SUB GI. The packaging for epinephrine and ephedrine are very similar. When you remove them from the box the epi ampules are white and the ephedrine ampules are brown. Please see pics below. They use yellow stickers as an alert. Please see pics below. Thanks Deb for sending!!


New RNs:

Please give a big Mobile Welcome to La Brandi Thomas. She started this week and we are so happy to have her! Welcome La Brandi!!

We also have two more full time RNs starting with us in the next couple of weeks...

Pam Kopinski RN

Kim Tuohy RN

Welcome Aboard!!


Oxygen tanks- Please be sure to check the oxygen tanks in the beginning of your shift and make sure they are turned off when leaving. Also, make sure the H cylinder is connected and hooked up before using.

Ambu Bags- Please disconnect the filter and L connector when packing in the tower. We have seen some of them coming back cracked when they get packed into the tower.

IV catheters follow up- We have been testing out the new Sure Flash catheters for about two weeks now. I have heard some feedback but would like to hear from all of the staff that used them. Please shoot me a quick email and let me know how you like them. The vendor is stalking Ajay and I would like to give him an answer by early next week.

Discontinue IVs- When discontinuing IVs please be sure to hold pressure for at least one minute afterwards. During our last QI meeting we discovered a few patients complaining of hematomas and soreness afterwards.

Office News

Clinical Support Outing:

We had our clinical support outing last Friday at Dave & Buster's. A good time was had by all and we also learned a lot about each other. For example, Bernadette is the master at Pac Man, Elise and Ciero can drive a mean motorcycle, Clark is amazing at trivia, Lauren is extremely competitive and hates to lose at basketball, Jeff is very observant and kind (had to tell me to press Stop on the big wheel, and shared his tokens with everyone), James is NOT good at winning tickets. When all said and done, we worked as a team and put all of our tickets together to get a prize for the office! See picture below.

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Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Stef's birthday. Happy Birthday, Stef!
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AOS Super User Class

We are getting closer and closer to our go live date for AOS. Last week we held a super user refresher class and it went well. Thank you to all of the super users. We will be rolling out education classes very soon. GOODBYE PAPER CHARTS!!! More info coming soon.

Save The Dates

  • BLS: October 15th, 1:30pm

  • PALS: October 21st, 1:30pm

  • ACLS: November 5th, 1:30pm

  • Annual Competency/MD Vacation Picks: November 14th

  • Holiday Party: December 5th

As always, please send any updates my way! Thanks everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

Go Cubs!

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