My Summer Plans

By Ethan Ruff


My family and I will be going camping a lot in the summer. We will probably go to Gibbon and Halsey. We will bring our pop-up camper and our pet corgi.

Summer Weights

I will be going to Northwest High School for summer weights. We will run, lift, jog, jump, squat, and do many other things.


My family and I will probably go swimming at the Island Oasis, Central City, and Hastings water park.

Chores at Home

Some of my chores are feeding the dog, loading the dishes, unloading the dishes, vacuuming the living room and hallway, dusting, cleaning the windows, washing the car, picking up dog poo, helping in the garden, taking out the trash, setting the table, and mowing the lawn.


I will take tennis lessons this summer. I will get a new tennis racket too.


This summer I will mow the front and back yard. I will get paid $4 for each time I mow both the front and back yard.