Tom Brady

By: Nathan H

Tom Brady's superbowl wins

Tom Brady has won 3 superbowls and they are superbowls


Tom Brady's career

Tom's career started out as a back up quarterback and then was put in and never came back out.

Tom Brady's sucess

He currently holds the record for most touchdown passes in a single season . He also holds the longest win streak in the NFL with 21 straight wins in 2 seasons.

Chosen for sportsman the year for sports illistrated.

Tom's Quotes

"A lot of times I find that people who blessed with talent don't ever develop the attitude and the ones who are'nt blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart.

Tom's comeback

In 2008, Tom was injured in the knee and was out for the rest of the season. He had many surgerys on his knee and it finally worked, came back to the patriots and is still playing.

Role model

He is my role model because he never gives up and trys hard for his team

Tom Brady ACL Tear