Amendment XXVIII

Limit the Freedom of Speech online

The Issue

The issue of our first amendment, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, is that when it was originally created it was thought that communication would be only face to face or paper. Due to many years of advancements, freedom of speech has taken a new toll on everyone. Social medias and the internet are the places where communication is CONSTANT. Therefore, cyberbullying and threats are very common online. People believe they can post this stuff on the internet because they have the freedom of speech, but sometimes they test this right. I believe there should be a restriction on freedom of speech online, especially because of the suicides linked to cyberbullying, and the crises's linked to threats.

What this Amendment Will Do

It will restrict the words people use online. It will keep all order and make sure no one is threatened or insulted cruely. This amendment wont effect those who use the internet safely and commit no cyberbullying, it just makes sure the online violence is kept to a minimum. This will limit deaths, violence and possibly many crimes.

Who would this benefit?

The millions of kids who have committed suicide due to cyberbullying, adults, and every internet user. This is being created to enforce a safer and better online experience.

Cons Of this Amendment


-decreased users on certain sites

-some people may argue that we are removing their freedom of speech in all because of some that misuse it

Estimated Cost to Carry Out The Amendment

The cost to preform this would be around 5 million dollars