The Best Colony Ever Made...

Europeans Discovery

In 1540 the first European to make claim on Georgia's land was a Spaniard named Hernando de Soto. The Spanish were first to land in Georgia, but soon after that England, and King George II set up Georgia's first charter in 1732. The original reason for exploration of this new land was mostly for gold.


The colony of Georgia is located at the bottom of the 13 colonies. The colony is also on the coast line of the Atlantic Ocean.
The climate in Georgia was perfect for crop growing. The main crops grown in the colony were rice, indigo and cotton.
This rich farmland allowed for a very high profit off of the crops.


The colony is a southern colony, and mainly follows Protestant Christian. The government is a charter and was set up by King George II and England. The main trading industry was the Agriculture. This was mainly made up of rice and indigo.

Important events

1732- King George II created the charter of Georgia.
1733- James Oglethorpe sailed through the Atlantic Ocean on the ship called the Anne in order to start the settlement of the colony of Georgia.
1734- Chief Tomochichi went to England in order to make a fair trade for the rights to his land and people.
1736- Fort Frederica was built on an island called St. Simons Island

Key People

James Oglethorpe - One of the main people to create the settlement in Georgia. He helped to colonize the colony of Georgia.
Chief Tomochichi - The leader of the Yamacraw tribe, and he gave up his land to James Oglethorpe so he could build the city of Savannah.