Resume and Teaching Certificate

Dr. Letitia N. Walker 2016-17

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Letitia Nicole Walker

Georgia Virtual School, Atlanta, GA January 2015 - Present

Adjunct English Instructor (Online)

As an Online English instructor, I am responsible for teaching literature and composition courses to high school students participating in the online program. I differentiated instruction to learners to make the content accessible to all students. . Specifically, I clarified and reinforced courseroom procedures and expectations, provided instructional guidance and explanation, provided formative feedback to learners. In addition, I developed web-based, synchronous presentations relevant for high school learners and interacted with online faculty of various courses and students with various academic needs/deficiencies.


McDonough, GA June 2014 - Present

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), DISTRICT Lead Teacher

As an ESOL Lead teacher, I am responsible for facilitating professional learning activities for teachers of English language learners, leading fellow ESOL teachers through analysis and interpretation of classroom data to make informed decisions about instructional practices, observing and providing feedback to teachers, and managing the development, evaluation and implementation of the content curriculum to ensure teachers incorporate proper learning standards into classroom practices and lesson planning. In addition, I assist the program coordinator with budget protocols for funding as well as local budgeting procedures, Title III monitoring protocols, scheduling, and screening/hiring new personnel.

CAPELLA UNIVERSITY, Minneapolis, MN October 2013-June 2014

Online Adjunct Teaching Assistant

Various Business Courses

As an online teaching assistant, I was responsible for providing high-touch support to learners in the courseroom. I provided additional resources to learners related to course expectations, course material, and learning strategies. Specifically, I clarified and reinforce courseroom procedures and expectations, provided instructional guidance and explanation, provided formative feedback to learners, provided individual coaching and tutoring of selected learners, provided assistance in the use and application of academic resources, provided support and encouragement to selected learners, modeled successful academic practices, conducted synchronous learning lab sessions. In addition, I completed these online tasks:

  • Developed web-based presentations relevant for bachelor degree adult learners
  • Developed and delivered asynchronous learning labs that made a difference in learners who pass the course
  • Developed a deep understanding of new online learners’ struggles and how to help them overcome those struggles
  • Interacted with online faculty of various courses and students with various academic needs/deficiencies
  • Honed technology skills including Adobe Connect and Blackboard


McDonough, GA August 2006 – May 2014

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher

As a classroom teacher, I designed and developed instructional material for mixed ability level learners at three schools in the county and taught English language learners with varying proficiency levels in English as a Second Language courses, providing various levels of instruction in grammar, conversation, reading, writing, and speaking and provided students with feedback targeting areas of improvement and aligned their strengths with course objectives, standards, and intended outcomes. I utilized data from multiple assessments in compliance with district and state requirements to inform instruction for language learners, and used innovative methods and materials to produce effective learning experiences including cooperative learning, thematic instruction and differentiation in curriculum development.

ASHFORD UNIVERSITY, San Diego, CA November 2011-July 2013

Online Adjunct Teaching Assistant

Educational Psychology, English, and Philosophy Courses

  • Posted weekly Guidance in the TA forum for each writing assignment at the beginning of each week.
  • Answered all questions from email and/or TA forum online discussion board
  • Graded all writing assignments and provide constructive feedback weekly
    • Commented on students’ papers in a helpful and positive tone
    • Provided accurate guidance, addressing most of the following where relevant:
      • Content /Mechanics/Development/Organization
    • Posted grades that correspond to feedback and rubric selections
  • Assisted students with any writing issues that occurred during the quarter (APA, content, grammar, etc.)


Tifton, GA August 2002-June 2006

Program Coordinator

  • Supervised all aspects of the CVAE Program including operation, budgeting, and personnel
  • Provided instructional and administration leadership for program participants.
  • Coordinated career guidance activities for the Project Success students
  • Increased parental involvement by consulting with parents regularly.
  • Mentored and coached students to help boost their confidence and competencies, as evidence by scores and completion of work.
  • Worked with teachers on the development of effective teaching practices
  • Implemented instructional strategies based on student assessment and performance data to address individual student needs
  • Organized and provided instruction/intervention for at risk students
  • Coordinated and presented site based staff development
  • Served on school leadership team and chaired school improvement committee cluster one
  • Assisted with scheduling, testing and discipline
  • Supervised the interlocking team of teachers to ensure smooth operation and successful coordination of team goals and overall school program.
  • Observed teacher as well as provided instructional support and assistance through clinical supervision and peer coaching.


Tifton, GA Aug. 1998-June 2002

English Teacher

  • Served as an instructional leader by modeling high expectations for students and implementing results focused programs.
  • Prepared assignments for student reports; assisted students in organizing and writing research findings, bibliographies and final reports.
  • Implemented various classroom management techniques for maintaining student attention, involvement and discipline.
  • Conducted classroom instruction; prepared daily lesson plans; administered tests; provided feedback on learning achievements and needs for improvement.


Valdosta State University - Valdosta, Georgia

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (English), June 14, 1997

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement, July 1999

Master of Education, Instructional Technology, May 10, 2000

Education Specialist in Educational Leadership, July 31, 2004

Georgia Southern University- Statesboro, Georgia

Coordinated Career and Academic Education (CCAE) Endorsement, August 2002

Capella University- Minneapolis Minnesota,

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction, May 31, 2014

Georgia Educator Teaching Certificate

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