Fiction News

Humberto Deras

7th Graders Droping Grades

Seventh graders picking classes they don't like for a girl they like. Principals are thinking of picking the classes them instead of them picking. One principal said " I think they are doing it to watch the girls walk gracefully to class" . Teachers are complaining that they're students are failing their classes for some girls.

Boxing News!!!

After argueing about who won the match between Antoinio Cruz and Felix Vargas ; They both got disqualified for walking away. So they both said " we want to have a rematch" . The both of them have been training for months now. The trainers have made sure they both go to different gyms. Antonio Cruz said " I agree we should have a rematch " . Now we are waiting just waiting Felix Vargas response to this match. May we see another clash between these two strong boxers. Stay tuned for more NEWS!!!

Kid Steals Women's purse

We had a interveiw with Mrs. Jones about a crime scene. She said " It was 11:00 pm when a kid came running behind me trying to steal my purse " . Did you tell the police about this? said the interveiwer. No I took him to my apartment and asked him a few questions ; In my apartment he washed his face and we both sat and ate dinner. Did you ask him why he tried to steal your purse? Yes I did ask him he said it was for some blue suede shoes ; so I gave him 10.00 dollars to buy the shoes and after that day i never saw him again.

Grandpa Dies!!!!

We have been informed that Arturo's grandfather died November 5th 2013. Doctors say he died of age. Today we interveiwed Arturo's parents because at that moment Arturo was covered in tears. Arturos parents said " It happened so quickly " . The mom starts crying saying " We didn't even get to say our goodbyes or anything " . Those are the last words we heard from them.

Dear Debbie,

I need advice with getting some girls can you help me? You can put flowers of the store she works she will like that