Mental/Emotional Health

1- Set Goals. Setting goals will help with your health because it will give you a feeling of achievement in the end. It will give you self-worth while working on this goal.

2-Avoid Alcohol and Drugs. People use drugs or alcohol thinking that it will make problems go away, but when the high or alcohol has gone away, the problems are still there. And it just make things worse. This isn't a self-medication type thing. This does not help, if anything - it makes things worse.

3- Surround Yourself with the Right People. Being around people who will bring you down, and who are not supportive of you and your decisions will not help you. You should surround yourself with people who are trying to help you better yourself and help you achieve anything you're trying to achieve.

4- Physical Health. Take care of yourself! Feeling good about your physical health will definitely help you with your mental and emotional health. Drinking water, exercising daily, and eating healthy are a few things that can help you with being physically healthy.

Intellectual Health

1- Time Management. Time management will help with your intellectual health because you can't crush so many things to do in a little amount of time, or the other way around.

2- Remove Objectivity. Remember that everything doesn't have one right answer. There can be multiple and that is okay. Stay open-minded and that there is always more than one way to do things. 5+5=10. But so does 6+4.

3- Engage into critical thinking. Engage in readings, group conversations, discussions. Ask questions to reflect on yourself and the subject you are thinking about. Keep your brain active. Keep asking yourself questions and be alert to what's going on.

4- Study skills. Take notes! While in class, reading, and focus on more what your teacher writes down. Review your notes and the contents given to you within 24 hours of your class so you can refresh what you learned about.

Physical Health

1- Drink lots of water. Drinking less sugary drinks and more water will help your physical health greatly. Staying hydrated will keep your cells functioning properly. Less sugar drinks will also help your dental health and your weight.

2- Exercise regularly. 30 minutes of working out doesn't sound like much, but it will improve your health. Taking walks, riding your bike or even taking a jog around the block is a way to get in your exercise.

3- Less fast food. Fruits and vegetables are an easy way to incorporate your daily vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

4- Bed time. Getting a good night sleep is extremely important. Sleeping repairs the mind, your cells and the body it's self. You need to sleep at least 7 hours a night for this to happen.

Social Health

1- Accept your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and that's okay, you learn from them. Take note on what you did wrong and accept it and move on. Try again if you need to. People won't judge you on your actions if you learn from what you did.

2- Start small. If public talking scares you - say little things. Say thank you to the store people or smile at others in the store. Even giving your friends compliments will help you. Believe it or not, small things like that will increase your confidence.

3- Join a support group. Being in a support group with other people that have anxiety can also help you over come your social anxiety. Talking about what you're scared about and having a discussion about how to overcome these problems as a group will help you.

4- Watch the news - see what's going on. This is a way to hold a conversation with others. Knowing big problems that are happening in the world is a good way to bring up conversation.