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After Effects and the career of animation

After Effects and animation

After Effects Is a very complex animation software that is mainly for making animated titles but is sometimes used for making effects in action movies. There are many programs that allow you to work with animation but Adobe After Effects has tried to make a program that while complex enough for experts, still simple enough for the entry level animator to use.

Why I chose to study After Effects and animation

I chose to study After Effects and animation because I was always interested in how animators could draw people's attention to something using things that aren't real in reality but more of a creative thought. The problem is that most animation softwares cost a lot of money and are very complex to use. That's where Adobe After Effects came in; it allows beginner animators to use a lot of experienced software.

Why you should know about this field

It is always good to be able to draw people's attention in the business world. Think.... when the credits are played at the end of the movie and it's just white font scrolling down the screen you get up and leave. If it's creative and colorful, you will usually stay to watch the credits.
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