Taylar Beckett Small Size Big Dream

Grad of 2016 Pediatrican, Busisness Owner, Lover of Music

Meaning of Exsistance

Creativiy is the most important thing in life is Everything you need to become Successful.!

Right now I am a high school junior who attends the Houston Academy for International Studies and I have a GPA of 2.7 which will become a 3.0 by the end of the semester.

I will like to have a career in the medical field specializing in pediatrics.

Taylar C. Beckett

I Taylar Beckett born on April 29, 1998 and since the tender age of 3 I always wanted to be the 1st one in my family to not only have a career but become a doctor. When I was the age of 14 I became a student at the Houston Academy for International Studies and ever since I have attended the school I have had a clout of getting into top notch universities and international research opportunities that I would never had imagine myself getting to do going to a basic high school. But besides of my scholar activities. I am an extremely goofy person I love to laugh and eat and also play video games like I’m one of the guys. But as for in the workplace I am a very reliable person that's a team player and gets the job done on time without any or mimium setbacks.

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