Say Something, Save A Life

How To Prevent Suicide

Warning Signs

Verbal Signs

- "I want to die"

- "I don't want to live anymore"

- "I wish I was dead"

- "I won't have to put up with this much longer"

- "Whats the use"

Non Verbal Warning Signs

- Depression and hopelessness

- Lack of energy and zest for life

- Withdrawl from family, friends, and social activities

- Drop in grades or a poor student's new concern about grades, or trouble

- Giving away possessions or otherwise settling affairs

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Where To Go For Help

Vernon County (608)-637-2123

Monroe County (608)-269-2117

La Crosse County (609)-784- 4357

Or (608)- 785-4357

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Go to your school nurse, guidence councelor, principal or any trusted adult or friend.

Suicide Prevention Meathods

Make sure to first show you care

Get them professional help as soon as possible

Talk directly to them about the problem

Stress the temporary nature of the problems

Make clear you understand their pain, but emphasize suicide is not the answer

Ask if they have a specific plan; don't leave the person alone if you feel and immediate problem

DO NOT AGREE TO KEEP THIS MEETING A SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get help ASAP!!!!!!

Things You Can Say

I am your friend I am here for you to support you and help you through your process.

Ask them why they are doing and if you can do anything to helo them.

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