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Faculty Administration Managers Newsletter

Issue 9, August 2018


In this edition of FAM News we bring you updates regarding selected systems and projects to keep you informed of the collaborative work, progress and achievements made to date and also what’s on the horizon.

You will also see that each edition will be focussed on one of the CSU Values. For this edition the value is Inclusive… stronger together. Included are great photos from our CSU Community displaying this value in action. A special thank you to the contributors of the event updates and photos…. please keep these coming so we can share these successes and inspire others.

We hope you are enjoying the new-look FAM News. If you have any feedback for us, suggestions for inclusion or further improvements, we are always happy to hear from you via fac-admin-mgrs@csu.edu.au .

Projects Update

CSM Action Plan

The FAMs have been gearing up to make some real progress on the CSM Action Plan and have formed a team to help us deliver on the improvements.

We are pleased to announce that the following staff will be assisting us as CSM Project Support:

  • Karen O’Donnell – Project Manager
  • Heather Fielding – Business Analyst
  • Chelsea Williams – Support Officer

We would like to thank everyone who applied and we have enjoyed meeting you all! We presented you all with a few curly questions and really enjoyed some of the feedback and ideas that you all shared with us.

A Common Support Model Action Plan Working Group has also now been established to help deliver on the improvements.

The CSM Action Plan Working Group Membership and Terms of Reference can be found here.

We have a number of themes and areas to address (10 areas) and will be initially focussed on the following:

Quick wins

  • Enhanced mobility and professional development
  • Functional group and cross functional group connections
  • Personalising the approach (phone numbers, generic responses review, building relationships)

Reduction of Administration work in Schools

  • Delegations policy review
  • Review School leadership team (HOS, AHOS, AOHOS, etc) gaps in support and opportunities to expand current support by Professional Team (including process efficiencies).

Committee support review
  • Staffing Model
  • Algorithm reviewed in relation to ‘hot spots’
  • Algorithm developed in conjunction with workforce planning
  • Reviewed Common Support Model principles

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

The CRM Project (replacement for Talisma) reached a major milestone earlier this month with the selection of the preferred vendor and implementation partner. Functional demonstrations from a number of vendors were attended and evaluated by a team of staff from across the University and our Faculty professional teams were well represented during these activities. Thank you to those staff who assisted with these evaluations and the following reference calls to other institutions.

We are pleased to support the DVC Students, Jenny Roberts, announcement of Microsoft Dynamics as the software vendor and KPMG as the implementation partner.

Work has already begun on the implementation plan with Carl Sudholz (Business Analyst) working closely with the Faculty Administration Managers. We would like to thank Carl, along with Phil Roy, Dallas Woolley, Mark Westerman and Matt Morton-Allen for all their support and look forward to working with them on the next phase.

Next steps are to finalise contract negotiations and begin the discovery phase. The Faculty Administration Managers will be working with our leadership to identify our Steering Committee representatives as well as the Faculty Product Owner. This work is currently underway and should conclude in the next few weeks.

Please refer to the CRM Program Timeline for implementation timings, noting that Alumni will be first participant at the start of Q4 of this year. Faculty Admin and Faculty Academic will begin implementing in late Q4 (December 2018 with key peak activity scheduled for April/May 2019).

The CRM Sourcing Steering Committee Extract provides some more information if interested.

Academic Workload Manager

Our Deputy Deans have been working with the Division of Human Resources to develop a Technology Initiative Expression of Interest for further improvements to Academic Workload Manager. It has been recognised that whilst this new software has delivered some great improvements, it’s ready for the next phase of development. Thank you to everyone that has submitted ideas and feedback on how this can be developed.

The initial scoping document was submitted on 20 July. This will be reviewed by the Technology Governance Committee on 6 August.

Thank you to Michael Kiernan and Jennie Anderson for pulling this together.

Subject Quality Assurance & Reflection System (QUASAR)

There is a project underway to revamp the online moderation system and process of quality assurance that we do at the University. The University is rebuilding the tool, updating the moderation policy, changing reporting and governance. The new tool will be called the Quality Assurance and Reflection System (QUASAR).

  • Purpose – why we are changing
  • Particulars – what we are changing
  • People – who is involved
  • Payoffs – what the benefits are

Click here for an overview of the project or access the Showcase below.

Celebrating Our Student’s Success

Faculty of Arts and Education students formed a very successful course study group. All 7 achieved Executive Dean’s awards on 7 May…

Some of our student award recipients celebrating with their friends and family on the Albury-Wodonga Campus following the Prizes and Executive Dean’s Awards Ceremony on 23 May…

Big picture

Harmony Day Lunch (Belated) – Orange Campus

A fantastic event celebrating Harmony Day and embodying our inclusive value was held in Building 1006, Orange Campus on 6 July.

What is Harmony Day?

Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity and is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging. It is officially on the 21 March each year and is also represented with the colour Orange.

A Fantastic Community Event!

What a fantastic day had by all! The posters initially created a fun guessing game for all and a talking point that provided opportunity to learn new things about colleagues. They were able to share laughs and a catch up over some great food. There was a vast mix of dishes to choose from… traditional Hummus (made from starch), yellow rice, Butter Chicken, Mosul Kuppa, Yorkshire Pudding and let’s not forget the good ol’ sausage sandwich and fairy bread!

Big picture

Contact Us – We Will Find a Solution

From the July edition, just a reminder that if you have a question, need support with a procedure or require assistance with equipment e.g. photocopier, contact a professional staff member in your building (even if they are not from your Faculty!). We are here to assist you!

For your convenience, the Faculty Administration Team contact details and responsibilities are available below:

Faculty of Arts and Education (FoAE)

Courses - 02 6933 3304 ext: 33004

Subjects - 02 6933 3306 ext: 33006

Operations - 02 6933 3305 ext: 33005

Workplace Learning - 02 6933 2020 ext: 32020

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences (FoBJBS)

Courses - 02 6933 3000 ext: 33000

Subjects - 02 6933 3002 ext: 33002

Operations - 02 6933 3001 ext: 33001

Workplace Learning - 02 6933 3303 ext: 33003

Faculty of Science (FoS)

Courses - 02 6933 3007 ext: 33007

Subjects - 02 6933 3009 ext: 33009

Operations - 02 6933 3008 ext: 33008

Workplace Learning - 02 6933 3010 ext: 33010

On the rare occasion that we are not available, please leave a voicemail and we will get the most appropriate person to call you back.

Committees Update

Orientation Steering Committee

Faculty representatives recently attended a workshop in Orange hosted by the Division of Student Services to explore new models for On Campus Orientation. The working group consisted of representatives from all three Faculties (academic and professional), DSS, DOMC, DFM and DSA.

The Division of Student Services had identified an opportunity to further improve what we all do to increase engagement with our new on campus students with a condensed delivery (verified by Orange engagement statistics improved since moving to condensed version (2017 - 58% vs 2018 – 69%).

What resulted from the day was the development of three proposed workable models which feature a condensed version of orientation (3, 4 or 5 day format) that:

  • Removed duplication of events (i.e. welcome, tours, etc.)
  • Reducing information overload (i.e. timing information for when it matters most to students)
  • Delivered clearer core activities for courses and support sessions (i.e. refining academic session minimum standards, tailored/demographic orientated support sessions, etc.)
  • Utilising the online environment (i.e. immediately post acceptance of offer, online orientation be made available, etc.)

The Steering Committee and Operations Committee will be seeking further input on any potential changes, so watch this space!

Continuous Improvement


Jira is the system that houses all of the improvements raised with Faculty teams in regard to process, exceptions and errors while providing visibility on progress towards resolution of these. While Managers are actively engaged in recording, monitoring and resolving these issues, the newly appointed Business Analyst and Project Manager in the CSM Project support team will be assisting in investigating and proposing solutions as we move forward. We are confident that this will ensure that those issues that have been outstanding for a period of time are resolved as quickly as possible.

The report below shows some of the areas that we are working on and number of improvements currently in the pipeline.

Big picture

Knowledge Base

In late June, Professional Team Managers participated in a training session on the creation and edit functions in the Knowledgebase. Thank you to Kris Harrison delivered the training which was well received and informative. Managers are now working in the system to revise documented procedures for use by team members, bringing the information up to date and including efficiencies that have been achieved in some processes.

DSA Refresh

The DSA Refresh is well underway and at work has commenced on Draft Transition and Implementation Plan (TIE) for delivery of outcomes. Feedback is currently being sought from across the University in an effort to ensure currency, practicality and effective tasks and activities are captured within a comprehensive framework.

Inclusive… stronger together

Involving others – being welcoming and accessible – enables us to be a stronger collective force.

As a university, we aim to be easy, warm and welcoming. We want our students and our peers to know they are important to us.

Education and research is for everyone in our community and our University is stronger when we work together.

In behaving inclusively we work collaboratively to develop and deliver solutions – we value new perspectives. An inclusive approach influences the way we all relate to each other and helps us all achieve our full potential collectively.

Faculty of Arts & Education

The Faculty of Arts & Education professional team managers and senior officers attended the Faculty Leadership face to face meeting in July. Strong relationships are being created and all are working collaboratively in the pursuit of further efficiencies in process and effectiveness in the provision of administrative support to Faculty endeavours.

Faculty of Business, Justice & Behavioural Sciences

In the Faculty of Business, Justice & Behavioural Sciences, the School of Computing & Mathematics leadership team and supporting staff, Faculty leadership team, Partner organisations and Course Administration Team were recently successful in working together to attain re-accreditation with the Australian Computer Society through to 2022. Well done and thank you to all those involved!

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science professional teams as part of the voice survey (cross-unit collaboration) invite a divisional partner to present to the group on services that they provide. In July, Joanne St John from Human Resources gave an excellent presentation on Career Development at CSU.

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CSU Ethos

yindyamarra winhanganha means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.

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