For Darkness Shows The Stars

By: Diana Peterfreund


Generations have past since a genetic experiment gone wrong causing the Reduction and havoc for miles. The Luddites now have their power but for how long?

Elliot North always knew her place in the world; home, under her father's rules, fixing everything he ruined. Four years ago, Elliot refused to run away with her childhood lover; the servant Kai. Now due to financial problem the family rented out their land to a group of shipbuilders; including Captain Malakai Wentworth; an almost unrecognizable Kai. Elliot wonders if this could be their second chance, while Kai shows Elliot exactly what she left.

But Kai isn't the high and mighty king either, he has a secret that could either change the society or destroy it.


Setting: A field of wheat.

Time: Morning


Protagonists- Elliot

Antagonists- Baron North, Elliot's father

Other Characters in the exposition:




Inciting Incident: Baron North plows over all of Elliot's "Special Wheat".

Conflict: The North's are now in need of money.

Rising Action:

First Event: Elliot finds the letter, and she responds to the admiral; telling him he could build their ship on her land.

Second Event:

Elliot finds out Kai is on the Cloud Fleet, and he is to be building the ship.


Elliot finds that Kai took the ERV; she now has to choose for what she's been raised to believe or side with the only boy she's ever loved.

Falling Action:

Elliot inherits the Boatwright estate, and moves out of her father's house.


Elliot reconditions the Boatwright estate, while Baron North and Tatiana vacation to Channel City; leaving Elliot the North estate to look over. With nothing to do, Elliot finds that Kai is leaving along with his finished ship. After a long internal debate, Elliot decides to join Kai on his trip; finally reuniting with her childhood lover.

Charcter Analysis:

Elliot North:


-Daughter of Baron North


Elliot's internal struggle is whether or not to stand up to her father. Which tells a lot about her character. It says that Elliot is very shy, but has a lot on her mind. Which makes Elliot a great leader, when she's not around her father. Elliot is also very smart and will do anything to help people in need. That is one of the reasons why Elliot disobeyed her father's orders and the laws to create special wheat that would help many people not starve for the winter.


The setting is a world that is living in the aftermath of genetic experiments gone wrong on humankind; causing the Reduction.
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