Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fun Activity for Impromptu Speaking

Pechaflickr displays twenty random images pulled from Flickr based on a that you enter. For example, enter the word dog and twenty pictures of dogs will appear. But all of the the images don't appear at once. Instead each one appears for only twenty seconds. A student starts speaking about slide one for 20 seconds and when the next slide automatically appears, the next student in line must pick up the story and continue speaking!


Write on A Screen Shot

Snaggy is a web-based tool for drawing on, annotating, and sharing screen captures. To draw or write on your screen capture just paste your screen capture image into Snaggy. Snaggy offers tools for highlighting a section of your screen capture, typing on it, and drawing free-hand on your image. You can also use Snaggy to crop your image. When you're ready to share your screen capture, Snaggy assigns is a custom URL.


Creativity Games (And Some Logic Games too!)

Mike de Sousa runs AbleStable on a not-for-profit basis. He says, "My aim is to encourage and support creativity. My profound conviction is that exploring our creativity is the world's best hope for peace, cooperation, and constructive communication. Creativity is also a major force in contributing to happiness." Ages 8-adult.


The Story Coaster Illustration

This illustration of plot development is an interesting method of explanation.


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