Monkey Business

B5 Transitional Three's Ms. Meghan


  • Next weeks theme: I Come to Preschool
  • Picture Days!!! September 29 - October 2

Reminders / Notes

  • Thank you ALL so much for putting names on everything. Please continue to put names on everything inside the lunch box too. We work a lot on independence. I don't want anyones lunches to get mixed up
  • Thank you for the wipes! We are already putting them to use. If you haven't sent them, we still need them :)
  • We say two prayers during the day: Snack Time, "ABC 123 Thank you God for feeding me", and at Lunch, "God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you, for our many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen"
  • WOW!!! We had an amazing first week! I am so proud of all my friends!

What We Are Working on This Month

  • Shape: Square
  • Color: White
  • Counting: 4, A square has 4 sides and 4 corners
  • Bible Verse / Song: "Do not be afraid your prayer has been heard" Luke 1:13 ( I hope they are singing this at home)
  • Frog Street Press: Square

What We Did This Week

  • We enjoyed puzzles, stacking monkeys, magnet tiles, ticket tearing, felt boards, crayons, chalk, and markers in our centers.
  • We learned each others name during circle time.
  • For Art we made our snack time placemats on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday we painted with green paint (everyones loved that!) and Friday we drew our family. We have some great artists in our class.
  • We read: "Let's Go For A Drive!", "Go!Go!Go! Stop!", "Cookies Week", "Happy Birthday Hamster", "Don't Push the Button!", "Silly Sally", and "Square". Our favorite book this week was "Let's Go For A Drive!" I am amazed that my friends are all ready asking for favorite books. I LOVE IT!!!