Tissue Culturing

By Nick and Jason

Jobs in Tissue Culturing

Laboratory Technician .

Cell Culture Technician.

What Laboratory Technicians do

They work on experiments and procedures in research on products and products that could cure disease, improve crops, help clean up the environment, and detect contaminated food. They make $30,000-$40,000 Yearly.

What Cell Culture technicians do?????

Cell culture technicians grow living cells in a flask, Bioreactors and other containers. The cells they grow are animal or plant cells. Sometimes they take tissue cultures from umbilical cords and biopsies.

ATHENS Program article

The athens program has been trying to revolutionize medical science. They have been trying to grow human organs. I think this is a great idea to try to help create organs so when people need organs such as a heart transplant it can save lives and advance our knowledge of medicine.
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