Digital E-Books and Audio Books!

Navigating your way to a Great Downloadable Book!

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Digital Resources

We are fortunate in Frisco to have a district wide digital library that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each student is able to check out two books at at any one time. These include both e-books and audio books.

Getting Started

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Books in Electronic Format

The Clark Library provides e-book access using two different platforms.

Accessing Electronic Materials:

Click here for the Frisco ISD ebook listing (limited to two checkouts with a limited number of copies)

1. You can also access the listing of audio and e-books from the tab on the far left of the Horizon page.

2. Log in using your student ID number

Using the Online System:

1. Once the page has loaded you can begin searching by keyword, author, or browse by genre.

2. Once you have looked at a particular book and would like to check it out, you will need to place the book in your cart.

3. Download Overdrive to computer or the Overdrive App to your device to transfer the book. (this must only be done once)

4. Download the correct book for your device (be careful not to select the wrong platform)

5. Download the book

6. Open overdrive and begin reading

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Click here for the CMS ebook holdings through MackinVia (small selection of classic books with unlimited copies)

1. Log in to MackinVia using the username and password given to you by the Librarian
2. Select ebooks from the left margin
3. Locate resource
4. Scroll through selection, click more to get a complete description of book
5. Open to read

Need Assistance

If you are having trouble or have a question about a resources availability or use please e-mail me with a question.


Mrs. Taber
Your CMS source Librarian

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