Join the Transcendentalist Movement

Contact: Meghan S.

Love Nature? Join Us!

Our society is located in a wonderfully lush and rural area of Colorado. We have nothing to offer! Nothing as in tons of wide open land and space for every person who loves to get in touch with their natural side!

Want Less Government Intervention? Here's the Place!

We think the government should have minimal power in our society and have created a faction in which we barricade ourselves from the government as much as possible!

Can You Connect With God Directly?

Here we believe that you don't have to go to church and ask a priest for forgiveness or to pray to God for you. We think you can pray for yourself! This means less hassle and more forgiving! Hallelujah!

And Remember!

Know yourself, trust yourself, be yourself! and Slow down and simplify, simplify, simplify.