Getting Started

A Note From Your Instructional Coach

Testing, Class Connects and To Do Lists...Oh My! In the midst of busy schedules, we have all been able to meet together twice now. Those sessions together are refreshing for me and I hope they are the same for you. It's been exciting to join your students and you in CC sessions these past two weeks and I look forward to doing so even more as small groups are getting ready to start up.

In our team newsletter, you will find best practice examples, reminders, and updates each month. If there is something else you'd like to see included, please always feel free to let me know.

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By clicking on the Sharing is Caring Link above, you will be able to access our resource sharepoint. Bookmarking this link will be helpful as it will be updated weekly, sometimes daily.

In there you will find clipart, BBC lessons, teacher recordings, powerpoints, pinterest ideas, and website resources. If there is something working well in your CC sessions that you'd like to share with our team, please email them to me at

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Blackboard Tips

Read all chats in one place, using the options menu on the chat panel. Private chats can be viewed on separate tabs or all shown in the main room tab.
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Want to see more of your chat box? Better yet, wish you could see more of the participants list so that you can actually note the smileys, thumbs up, thumbs down, polling, etc? The options menu on each will let you do that!
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Use the same clipart often? Load it in to your BBC Clipart Collection to have readily available. Click here to learn how to add in your own:

Remember K12Training has Teacher Toolboxes with common clipart available for us. It will download in a .jar file which will only be viewable in your blackboard collaborate classroom.

Be sure to regularly check the link above (Teacher Recordings) in the Sharepoint to view what is working well for others. If you have a recording that you'd like to share, please email me the link and I'd be happy to upload it.

Looking for New Ideas?

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