Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



3/11 CYCLE DAY 5

3/12 CYCLE DAY 6

Staff Meeting, 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

3/13 CYCLE DAY 7

2 Hour Early Release

3/14 CYCLE DAY 8

3/15 CYCLE DAY 9

I-Team Meeting, 7:30



PTO (Board Only) Meeting 6:30


BLT 7:30


Field Trip for Kindergarten to Works Museum 8:50-11:30

PBIS Meeting, 2:30 (Aune's Room)

Saber Squad 3:!5-4:15


I-Team Meeting 7:30

Field Trip for 4th/5th Grade HP to Young Authors (selected students) 7:30-2:00

Kindergarten Music Program 2:00


AirMaxx Fundraiser


Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


Saber Squad 3:15-4:15


3rd Quarter Ends


NO SCHOOL/Teacher Planning Day


NO SCHOOL/Spring Break


Severe Weather Week


Staff Meeting (Gifford Cluster), 7:30


Spring Picture Day (only those that want pictures will take them)


Severe Weather Drill 1:15

4th Grade/Alcohol & Tobacco Presentation 1:30-2:30


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


Send Report Cards Home

PTO Meeting (Grants and Voting) 6:30


BLT, 7:30

Shakopee Celebrates Reading at HS


PBIS Meeting (Aune's Room), 2:30


4th Grade/Alcohol & Tobacco Presentation 1:30-2:30

Kindergarten Round-Up 5-6:30


NO SCHOOL (Students and Staff)


Prof. Dev. (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

Fire Drill #5, 9:00

Kindergarten Round-Up, 5-6:30


2 Hour Early Release


4th Grade/Alcohol & Tobacco Presentation 1:30-2:30


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Field Trip for 3rd Grade to Mpls. Institute of Art 9:00-2:15

4th Grade Music Program 2:00


Staff Meeting/Gifford 7:30

Field Trip for 5th Grade to Japanese Drumming Performance at the HS 10:10-11:40


Literacy and Beyond Night 5:00-7:00


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


Staff Appreciation Week


PBIS Meeting (Learning Commons) 7:35


BLT, 7:30


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


First Grade Track and Field

5th Grade Band Concert 6:30

PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30


Staff Meeting (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

Second Grade Track and Field


Third Grade Track and Field

Patrol Kids to the Twins Game/10:15 leave and return after school is out


Fourth Grade Track and Field

Retiree and Staff Recognition at Canterbury Park


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Fifth Grade Track and Field


BLT, 7:30


Field Trip for 4th Grade to Faribault Energy Park 8:50-1:50


Field Trip for Kindergarten to MN Landscape Arboretum 8:55-12:45


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day


Prof. Dev. (Gifford Cluster) 7:30


I-Team Meeting 7:30

Field Trip for First Grade to the MN Zoo 8:30-2:30

Last Day of School for Seniors


Jackson Pride Assembly and Yearbook Signing 1:45


Award Ceremony (K-2, 8:45-9:30 and 3-5, 9:45-10:30)

School Picnic

Talent Show 1:30


Last Day of School for Students


Teacher Work Day




Report Cards Mailed Home


  • We cannot show our appreciation enough for all the benefits our students receive from our fabulous paras. You are all so very appreciated and invaluable. Thanks for every day you give to our students and us. You make a huge difference!
  • Staff meeting next Tuesday. We will not need anything for this meeting.
  • Wednesday early release: PLC time. Be sure to reach out if you need anything for your work. Our April early release will be class creation for next year.
  • Overnight teachers from the field trip: please don't forget the head check before returning to school on Monday. Happy shampooing.
  • Shrimp poppers smell funny... Are they, like, the hotdogs of the sea?


*Thank you to Jenny L. for being an awesome team leader. I appreciate your notes and how you always gets information to our team right away.

*Thank you Drew, for doing such a great job in first grade.

*Thank you, Trudy for helping my sub with morning work.

*Thank you, Sarah for filling in for me during our PLC.

*Thank you, Kevin for dealing with challenging parents and students!!

*Dan-Thank you for drawing poster sized outlines of Minnesota and Florida.

*Thank you to Pete for keeping our secure test materials safe and for letting us barge into your office whenever we needed to get testing materials.

*Thank you to Melanie and Ben for updating me on road reports Tuesday morning. Your help kept me ‘moving’ right to school!

*Thank you to Mandy for being our fearless task force leader. Second grade REALLY appreciates all you do to advocate for us.

*Case managers, thank you for the wonderful treats and snacks this week in recognition of para week, it was much appreciated!

*Paras, thank you for all the wonderful and hard work you do each day with all of your students!

*Thank you, Kaitlin for always being so thoughtful and kind! I am so grateful to get to work with you every day.

*Thank you, Ben for making me laugh daily at work. #HaveABlessedDay

*Thank you, Kevin for your support this year! We are so lucky to have such a proactive, caring, and kind principal. Despite how busy you are, you always make me feel like a priority. Thank you!

*Thank you Pete, Kevin, Evelin, Stephanie St. Peter, and Wendy for celebrating I Love to Read Month with my kindergarteners and me!

*Thank you Matt for adjusting my tables…I appreciate your willingness to help me out!

*Thank you Marty for helping Kindergarten set up for the Mad Scientists!

*Thank you Wendy and Kathy for being so supportive when my kindergarten friend needs a break!

*Thank you to all those in the O’Dowd Cluster who graciously let Kindergarten and the Mad *Scientists invade your space when our schedule didn’t go as planned!

*Thank you to all the Paras who work in our kindergarten classrooms! We appreciate all you do for our students!

*Kevin-thank you for meeting with my student daily to help her get some work done.

*Hartman-thank you for your constant encouragement and for being a great friend ☺

*3rd grade team-thank you for continuing to help me stumble through my first year in 3rd

*Krissy-thank you for sharing your delicious treats with me ☺ I’m glad we’re “neighbors” this year!

*Thank you for the treats for all of us Paras!

*Sari, thank you for coordinating the Orchestra Hall field trip! Especially for making sure 1 of our students had an appropriate spot to sit that

worked for him and his needs. You are amazing!

*Thank you, Lexie, for organizing our Jackson Pride assemblies! We appreciate it so much!

*Thank you to Tim for adding links in our week by week curriculum map. We appreciate it!

*Thank you, Jen, for always being there! I appreciate you!

*Thank you, Abbie, for always putting things in perspective! I don’t know what I would do without you!

*Thank you, Kailey, for running our Economics unit!

*Thank you, Ann, for creating our PLC agendas!

**Thank you, Kevin, for attending our team meeting, we appreciate your time and perspective.

*Thank you, Charlotte, for being such a supportive coworker.

*Thank you, Kira, for working so closely with me to teach our students.

*Thank you to all the wonderful paras I work with each day. I couldn’t do it without you - Wendy D., Bill, MaryEllen, Kathy R.

*Thanks, Pete, for having a couple conversations with me about how to help my student!

*Kevin, thanks for being present and always willing to have a quick check-in with me!

*Thanks Wendy for getting our labels done so quickly! Now…to not misplace them ☺

*Charlotte, you keep me sane. Believe it.

*Mandy and Jenny, you both drew the short straw for being my buddy room for friends when a break is needed (student break or teacher break? The answer is: yes ☺). Thanks for being welcoming!

*Everyone who helped room 108 when I was gone on Friday – you saved lives that day. Give yourself a pat on the back!

*Thank you, Mr. Orchard for the yummy lunch and uninterrupted conversation!

*Thank you, Kathy Clarke for the coffee and sweet treat!!

*Thank you, Bristol for the coffee and soup!!

*Thank you, Noel for making my entire school social work week very special with all the thoughtful notes and treats!!

*Thank you, everyone who took the time to wish me a happy school social work week- I am certainly feeling the love from everyone! ☺

*Thank you Natalie, for helping the first grade team build Seesaw Activities that match our standards. Also, thanks for helping us again with our Breakout EDU Box to culminate our Human Body Unit. The kids LOVED it! It went even better this year (having the whole group use an I pad was such a great idea).

*Thank you Kevin, for keeping us all in the loop about class sections for next year. It is much appreciated.

*Thank you Krissy Luce for pulling some books on dental health for first grade! It was a nice surprise to see them on my chair☺

*Dianne Kersteter, thank you so much for treating me to pizza to celebrate Paraprofessional Week. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity… and it was SOOoooo tasty!

*It's 5am and there is a triceratops skeleton directly to my left and I am OVERCOME with gratitude for the very many of you who made sleeping overnight at the science museum a reality for our students. Winning a free field trip does not make any less work for us, and this field trip required some above and beyond work on your part. I recognize that, and I thank you immensely.

*Thank you to Jeff, Betsi, Jaron, Heather, Charlotte, Martie, Nicole, Erica, Jenny, Kathy, and Kelsey for leading an overnight field trip! It was a big ask for you to spend the night away from your own families so our students could have this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Thank you to Lisa, Kristi, and Kristi, for staying at Jackson to teach and support the students who did not attend the overnight field trip. We needed you just as much as we needed chaperones.
*Thank you to Wendy and Kathy in the office and Tammy and the rest of the kitchen crew who bent over backwards to accommodate attendance and lunch count logistics I had never thought about.
*Thank you to Andrea and Candace who helped gather meds and info for 2 full grade levels for this trip.
*Thank you to Kevin, who was supportive of an overnight field trip experience from the get go and really advocated to help make it happen.
*It takes a village, people, I work with the VERY BEST!

DLC Quick Tip

EdCamp Twin Cities coming to Shakopee

Saturday, April 27th, 8am

100 17th Avenue West

Shakopee, MN

EdCamp Twin Cities: Want to get inspired? Want to meet incredible educators from across the Twin Cities?

Come to Edcamp! Shakopee DLCs will be hosting an Edcamp at Shakopee High School on April 27th.

Curious what an Edcamp is? Watch the video below.



  • 3/17 Jenni DeShaw
  • 3/17 Mary Ellen Sandberg
  • 3/22 Dena Gregor
  • 3/25 Becky Keller
  • 3/26 Amy Scott
  • 3/26 Ben Thies
  • 3/28 Amy Pass
  • 3/31 Krissy Luce
  • 4/2 Sarah Hartman
  • 4/4 Wendy Derhaag
  • 4/5 Jen Ulrich
  • 4/8 Faye Hames
  • 4/11 Jennifer Klecker
  • 4/13 Barbi Studtmann
  • 4/18 Heather Broden
  • 4/18 Tammy Haugen
  • 4/23 Tammy Youngvorst
  • 4/25 Megan Henke
  • 4/25 Kristen Hengel
  • 4/25 Kira Johanson
  • 4/27 Heather Balk
  • 4/27 Bill Folz
  • 5/2 Megan Henke
  • 5/8 Jen Rothstein
  • 5/10 Jessica Hentges
  • 5/12 Jodi Koci
  • 5/19 Ben Foss
  • 5/25 Alex Fischer
  • 5/29 Rhonda Yeiter
  • 5/31 Kelly Voigt