Survival Guide for Mojave Desert

Kayla Tice

About Mojave desert

In North American, Las Vegas desert with the climate is hot and sand every were. The temperature is around 150-30 degrees. It's all way is tropical around here.

Tips to survive

  1. Find a cave before sun down to setter in for the night
  2. Make sure you have long nails to get fruit from the cactus
  3. Most animals are harmless but stand away from the dangerous one
  4. Make sure to stand away from quicksand


Coyote,red tailed hawk,desert tortoise

  1. It could help me,yes
  2. could attack me, not really

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Plants; Joshua tree

Prickly pear cactus, Joshua tree, Mojave yucca

  1. it can give me shade,no
  2. could give me inches,no