Modern day beginnings!

Gas powered cars hit the assembly line!

Duryea brothers bring modern day travel to the roads!

Born in Illinois in 1861 and 1869, Charles and Frank Duryea always had the spirit of advancing travel technology since high school. After their success with the "sylph bicycle", the two brothers eventually had the idea of making a new kind of car. After several long years of work, the brothers finally were able to bring this new wonder to our own households.

How it changed transportation forever

The internal combustion engine

The main way cars have evolved from then and now is by the internal combustion engine. The way the engine works is through....well, combustion. You see, once the gasoline is ignited, it produces an incredible amount of energy through expanding gas. Basically, your car is igniting/causing miniature explosions hundreds of times constantly in order to make it move! The pistons inside of an engine are what turns the wheels. Through compression and "intake strokes", the piston is able to use the explosions to power it.


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