Brown tree snake


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Shortly after World War 2 (and before 1952) the brown tree snake was transported here from the South Pacific probably as a stowaway in ship cargo.


The Brown Tree Snake

Why are the notorious

The brown tree snake has decreased Guam's birds and plant populations, causing the local extinction of over half of Guam's native bird and lizard species, also two out of three native bat species. Several indigenous species of lizards in Guam have become extinct or endangered because of the brown tree snake. Guam's 12 forest birds were especially impacted, with 10 species extinct and the other two almost gone . By decreasing native pollinators the brown tree snake has also caused "cascading" effects on Guam ecosystems. meaning it is reducing pollination by lizards and birds and reducing native plant sprouts/babies. People believe that since Guam is a major transportation hub, that the Brown Tree Snake stowed away and came right here to Texas.they seem to be causing the same negative things here too.

elimination efforts

A variety of modified craw fish or minnow traps have been used in Guam to trap the Brown Tree Snakes. Trapping The Brown Tree snakes with live-mouse lures is the principal control technique for this invasive species in Guam. I learned that these snakes are a bigger problem in Guam.