Kingswood's Weekly Update


Principal Message

Can you believe that we are in the fifth week of the 2020-21 school year? Even though we are having school remotely, teachers are teaching, and students are learning, and we are learning more each day about how to make remote learning more effective. For us, this is groundbreaking as a year ago, we as an institution felt remote school was a concept for a good sci-fi movie and here we are executing it day after day. I personally thank you for your grace and flexibility as we navigate the ends and outs of this new process.

This is our introduction week for The Positivity Project. # Positivity in Action is the motto adopted for this year. #Other People Matter mindset is a driving force for positivity. What does this mean for Kingswood students and staff? We will work to build positive relationships by tapping into a character strength each week to become our best selves.

Please consider joining our PTA this year. It is more important than ever that we band together to promote our Kingswood students by becoming involved in the PTA. It is your way to support our school and our students.

Help Needed!

Do you want to know more about how Kingswood works on improving our school? Then join our School Improvement Team! We meet once a month and we have a committee that focuses on Family Engagement. We would love to have a parent (or more!) join that committee and get your input! We also have committees that focus on Social Emotional Learning as well as Academics. If you are interested in any of these areas or would like to learn more please contact Barb Fair

PTA General Meeting

Please join us on Monday September 21st at 6:30. Here is the link for the virtual meet:

Istation information

Here is parent information on how to help your child get onto Istation for their reading assessments

Teachers will be giving you more information on this. As with Dreambox, once children log in, please do NOT assist them with the assessments. This information is helping us determine who needs support in reading.

Thank you



All students in grades K-5 will be completing Dreambox online lessons each week. It is important that students complete these with NO help from adults as this is a program that adjusts to the child's learning level after the beginning lessons are completed. Teachers will be looking at the data from the lessons your child has completed to see if they need math support or enrichment.

First Grade

Hello, First Grade Families!

This week we will be learning about:

In reading, students will practice visualizing. Teaching students to visualize while they read helps them to connect and comprehend what is happening in the story. In Letterland, we will be working on decoding in, ix, and ick spelling pattern

In Math, we will be counting to 150, starting at any number less than 150, grouping 10 ones into a group of ten, reading and writing numbers to 1-20, and using a number to represent the amount of objects in a group. Please continue to practice on Dreambox. Your child should be completing 4-6 lessons per week.

In Social Studies, students will continue to learn about rules at home, school, and in the community. That we have rules to keep us safe, keep things fair, and to resolve conflict. Next week we will focus on authority figures in the community, who creates the rules and who enforces them. We will also continue to look at resolving conflict.

4th Grade

Hi 4th Grade families!

We are so excited for the week ahead! We are continuing to work hard in all subjects and are ready to keep working together as we move on in our units. We are encouraging every student to be brave in sharing their ideas and thoughts with our class as we continue navigating this year together. We are so proud of everything you all are doing! Remember to encourage your students to attend every block meeting, so they don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities to learn! Here are the things we will be working on this week:

In Yellow block, we will be continuing to read our module text, Love That Dog and dive into more awesome poems. So far, we have read and explored poems by famous poets such as Robert Frost and Valerie Worth! It has been such a fun adventure to see all of the students discovering such rich meaning! We will have an assessment on Tuesday on some of the poems we have read thus far. If students have been attending meetings, the assessment will be a breeze as it the same material we have covered several days in a row. Please encourage your students to attend meetings and to reach out when they need help! We are here :) I have loved our Poetry unit so far, and I think our 4th graders have too!

In Green block, we will be continuing our unit about rocks and minerals! We will explore what rocks and minerals are, where they come from, and how we see/use them in real life. Specifically, we are going to identify the similarities and differences between the three rock types (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic).

In Red block, we will continue our unit on “Multiplicative Comparison, Area and Perimeter, Factors, and Multiples.” It would be very beneficial for your child to work on their multiplication facts at home. We have our first graded assignment for this unit on Wednesday. Very proud of everyone's hard work these past few weeks!

Library News

Kingswood Library Update

Starting this week, students will once again be able to borrow books from the Kingswood Library! We will be using a new system to place hold requests, and students in all grade levels will be able to check 5 books out at a time. They may keep the books for 3 weeks, and (as always) no late fees will apply. Requested books will be gathered, checked out, and placed in a bag labeled with your student’s name. These bags will be placed on a cart in front of the main entrance to Kingswood for you to pick up at your convenience during school hours. If you are unable to pick the books up within a week, they will be returned to the shelves so that others can request and enjoy them. More details about how to search for books and place holds will be posted on each Google Classroom. Please also feel free to contact Mrs. Breeze at with any questions you may have.

Actualización de la Biblioteca de Kingswood ¡

A partir de esta semana, los estudiantes podrán volver a tomar prestados libros de la Biblioteca de Kingswood! Usaremos un nuevo sistema para colocar solicitudes de reserva, y los estudiantes de todos los grados podrán sacar 5 libros a la vez. Pueden conservar los libros durante 3 semanas y (como siempre) no se aplicarán cargos por pagos atrasados. Los libros solicitados se recogerán, sacarán prestados y se colocarán en una bolsa etiquetada con el nombre de su estudiante. Estas bolsas se colocarán en un carrito frente a la entrada principal de Kingswood para que las recoja a su conveniencia durante el horario escolar. Si no puede recoger los libros dentro de una semana, se devolverán a los estantes para que otros puedan solicitarlos y disfrutarlos. Se publicarán más detalles sobre cómo buscar libros y realizar reservas en cada Google Classroom. También no dude en contactar a la Sra. Breeze en con cualquier pregunta que pueda tener.