Explore with us to Ancient Rome

By: Grace Kroeger B2


This is a building where people use to go to watch games like man vs animal. This is now Rome's most popular tourist attraction.


Pantheon is a Greek word which means ¨honor all God's.¨ This was a place to honor the God's and was built as a temple for all God's. Its the best preserved Ancient Roman monument and it was a mystery of how it stayed up because of all the raids.

Roman Forum

This was a place that has a lot of culture to it and it has decayed a ton as you can see. It also was a part that was raided and which there is only remains left.

The Palatine Hill

This was a stadium put together with the Palace of Domain which created later on the Palatine Hill. They aren't sure if it was built for private or public.

St. Peter's Basilica

This building has over 100 tombs with 91 popes, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II and Swedish Queen Christina, and two royals that gave up the throne for Catholism. This building is also made up of a solid bronze canopy over the main alter is 96 feet tall and it's called the Baldacchino.

Vatican Museums

They have one of the largest art collections in the world. Which I find strange because it's in the country called Vatican and it's the smallest country in the world.

Piazza Navona

This piece was built on the ancient Stadium of Domitian. It was their competition arena and it was mainly used for festivals and sporting events.

Trevi Fountain

This is one of the oldest water sources in Rome and it was made from the same material as the Colosseum. This is a very popular fountain now a days for throwing coins in the fountain and it's well known around the world. In fact it is a charitable fountain and if you steal the coins from the Trevi Fountain it is a crime.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are very unique because of its design and elegance and it's very popular for artists to get inspired from them. The steps are actually 200 years old and they aren't in horrible condition but they were chipped and they have cracks in them.

Galleria Borghese

This is a museum filled with Italian antiques. This is a very authentic place that you could really learn a ton about their culture.


1. I have learned in sight more about Ancient Romes architecture and have more knowledge about Rome.

2. I learned that they had some good water sources.

3. I found out that we don't have as much architectural things but we do have some and it can actually tell about us about our past.