Cambodian Genocide


What happened..

By April 1975, a Communist group known as the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, took control of Cambodia, renaming the country Democratic Kampuchea. During the Vietnam War, the United States bombed much of the countryside of Cambodia and manipulated Cambodian politics to support the rise of pro-West Lon Nol as the leader of Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge used the United States’ actions to recruit followers and as an excuse for the brutal policies they exercised when in power.

Similarities to the Holocaust

  • In both the Holocaust and the genocide in Cambodia people were beaten, maimed, and raped.
  • Hitler and Pol Pot both wanted a pure nation, ethnically.
  • They killed based off their appearances.

Differences to the Holocaust

  • Hitler wanted to kill the Jews, and Pol Pot wanted to kill a certain part of the Cambodian race, especially the educated people.
  • In the Holocaust, the U.S. wouldn't get involved because they had just gotten out of w.w.1. In the genocide of Cambodia, the United States did not help out because they had just gotten out of the Cold War.
  • Both Hitler and Pol Pot wanted the same thing in the end, but chose different ways to get what they wanted.
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