How do People Survive in Space?

Problems in space travel and how they were solved

Space Travel is Harder Than it Looks!

There have been many obstacles that had to be crossed in the process of being able to space travel.Some may include fuel difficulties,suit requirements,and space travel needs that need to be fulfilled,all of these though,have been solved and this flyer is here to inform you.

One of Most Common Problems out There is GRAVITY!

Gravity keeps us on the ground so we don't fly off.Unfortunately,there is no gravity in space,so humankind had to figure out ways for astronauts/cosmonauts to keep from floating around all over.

Here are Some Solutions Mankind Has Made Up!

Another Factor in Space Travel is the Need for Life Support

Humans need oxygen and protection from the suns rays,they also need protective suits to allow them outside of the shuttle.Everything inside the shuttle has oxygen to allow a humans to breathe and stay alive!

Here are Some Solutions Mankind Has Made Up!

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