It's PLC Time Again

Wednesday, February 27

Moving on with Collaboration (without me)

Moving ahead with collaboration this week. This is the final PLC meeting to brainstorm and strategize with your PLC group. It's also a time to see some collaboration results in action and to take a hard look at the collaboration rubric.


2:00--Meet in Karen's room for a collaborative presentation by students from Michelle's class
2:30--Share with your PLC group what you've done so far with collaboration, where you're at with recording rubrics, what you still need to do
3:00--Look at the rubric together and write any changes you would suggest in the margin. Put the revised rubric in my box on your way out. Have a great evening.

Planning Ahead

Next time PLC groups will look at the data we've gathered and decide what the next steps are as well as what we've learned from the data.