Access Consciousness

BARS Class

Saturday, March 15th~ 10am-6pm

Are you tired or low on energy?
Do you carry stress in your body?
Would you like to look and feel better?
Learn about the Bars and what this energetic process can do for you!

What are the Bars?

There are 32 different points on the head that correspond to different areas of your life. Running your Bars (touching these points) is a potent hands on body process that starts a flow of energy and erases years of fixed points of views, judgements, negative feelings, and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
This process is done while relaxing on a massage table. At the least you will feel like you just had a great massage and at best your whole life can change!
How does it get any better than that?

Access Your Joy body studio

15418 SR Hwy. 507
Yelm, Wa. 98597

Access Certified facilitator- contact info.

Class investment-
$200. (includes manual and head charts)
If repeating $100.
Kids up to age 15 are free when accompanied by an adult
ages 16-18 $100.

What are the infinite possibilities to create change with ease?