Johnson's News

April 29, 2016

PTA School Carnival

Next Friday is our annual PTA school carnival! This is a family event after school and everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be fun events for the children, a cake walk, a silent auction, food, and much more! Thank you to everyone who contributed items for our garden basket that will be auctioned off! Make sure you stop by the silent auction to look at it! I can't wait to see you at the carnival!

Mark Your Calendar

May 2- PTA Board Meeting 6:00

May 6-Spring Carnival

May 19- Bruster's Spirit Night 5:00-8:00

May 25- Last Day of School

Thank You!

Thank you Codi Reeves and the Yellow River Game Ranch for coming to MPES on Wednesday to help teach the students about animals. It was fun to see a goat, duck, chick, and a turtle! Students were able to observe their coverings, how they move and even learned that a baby goat is called a "kid!" It was a fun time for everyone and a great way to begin ending our study of animals.

Box Tops!

Our final Box Top & Campbell's Soup Labels collection is happening now! Please send in all Box Tops & labels . The winning class will get a surprise!

Recital Day in Music

Recital Day in music has started! Students will have an opportunity to J sign up to perform a song, dance, tell a joke, etc, if he/she chose to do so. If your child needs a special song for recital day, please make sure he/she is prepared and brings in the cd. If you have any specific questions, contact:

End of Year Testing in Kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers are beginning to collect end of year data. Students will be assessed in reading, writing, and math. Therefore, there will be some days where reading groups are not held. If your child doesn't come home with a book, please continue nightly reading by reading library books or books from home. Thank you!

ABC Countdown!

We are having so much fun with our ABC countdown!

Please let me know if you can send in some Burger King hats for K and Q Days. On K-Day the boys will be kings and on Q-Day, the girls will be queens.

Also, please make sure your child has returned his/her permission slip to go to the park on P-Day. If you are interested in sending in popsicles on P-Day, please let me know.

Student Behavior

During the last few weeks of school it is important that students continue to work hard and practice positive behavior. Please talk with your child about the importance of working up to their academic potential and following school rules. Participating in the ABC Countdown is based on completed student work and appropriate behavior in school. Thank you for your continued support with this at home.

What's coming up next week:

Next week we will be reading about mothers and their love for their children in honor of Mother's Day. Students will be composing sentences about their mother and responding to literature. We will also focus on animals and their offspring and how animals resemble their parents. In math, students will continue to practice subtraction with objects, fingers, images, pictures, etc. You can help your child with this concept at home by using real objects and having your child explain to you their math thinking and how he/she arrived at the correct answer. In science we will end our unit of study by discussing animals and their offspring. Students will learn the correct names of animals and their babies as well as observe how offspring resembles the parents.

Email addresses for Kindergarten teachers