Joseph Coles

Causes of Disorder

People with hemophilia are born with it. It is caused by a fault in one of the genes that determine how the body makes blood clotting factor VIII or IX. These genes are located on the X chromosome and only the X chromosome.

Long and short term effects

This disease almost always affects male children, it is very rare for it to develop in female children because they must get a defective gene from each parent. Not all cases of Hemophilia are caused by genetics, some are caused by a normal chromosone which mutates and affects the gene which controls the production of the clotting factor.

signs and symptoms to show if you have hemophiia

Symptoms of Hemophilia are heavy bleeding, long periods of bleeding, large bruises, bleeding after dental surgery, and blood in your urine. The effects of Hemophilia is that the blood does not clot propperly. This is turn can cause bleeding in the joints and muscles which most commonly cause scarring and severe pain. In more serious cases, Hemophilia can cause bleeding in the brain which can cause brain damage or death