School Improvement Plans

Jessica Conway, Vicki Ketter, Nick Burns

Good After-school programs IMPROVE Attendance!

  • Provides socialization
  • Re-establishes the link between effort and results
  • Provides consistent contact with caring, stable adults
  • Increases the sense of belonging at school

How Could We Make it Work?

Students see after-school programs as punishment, right?
  • Use the library, PAC, gym, etc...
  • Make it fun! Gaming (Jones), sports, music, movies, computer access

Even if the program does not revolve 100% around education, are we still making an impact and increasing attendance?

School Wide Incentives-How to Make Them Work!

Short-term incentives needed (each six weeks period)!

  • Ice cream/pizza parties, prize drawings, etc., based on progress monitoring, attendance, discipline, etc...
  • Don't wait until the end of the year to reward students!
  • Each six weeks, give the students a "clean slate."

Can we afford a little bit of time out of the classroom? YES! If it motivates students to reach these goals, it is a positive use of time.

Daunting State Testing...Why can't it be FUN?

Watch their faces next time testing rolls's like marching to their death!

  • Have pep rallies before state testing-give them a reason to get excited
  • Each grade come up with team names and logos (could be done in elective classes)
  • Decorate the testing hallways (student/parent posters, streamers)
  • Pump them up as they come down the hall
  • Have parent volunteers bring snacks, treats, etc...
  • Make students become involved in the recognized rating, instilling a sense of school pride
  • Visibly compete with other schools--Battle of the Bell, testing style??