Trees- Biodiversity

Learns about all sorts of trees!

Birds and Mammals

All sorts of animals like birds, mammals, frogs and reptles live in Australian trees.

Here are some amazing backyard found birds.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Invite Rainbow Lorikeets to clown around in your backyard for a little play!

What's that flash of colourful feathers, ducking and weaving through the trees and shrubs in your backyard? It's a Rainbow Lorikeet, and the playful games and bright multicoloured feathers of these parrots make them the 'clowns of the bird world' with the amazing fethers of theirs.

Imagine your tongue is like a bristle brush, well if you like it you likethe Rainbow Lorikeet's tonuge. Unlike many other parrots, it doesn't eat seeds in fact, these can be bad for lorikeets that's the last thing you would expect. Instead, it uses its bristle brush tongue to get sweet gooey nectar and pollen from deep within native flowers witch are very nice indead if you are a Rainbow Lorikeet. Like a young child with a messy ice-cream cone, lorikeets get the nectar and pollen all over their heads! For more information go to Backyard Buddies!


All Colours of the Rainbow is this bueatiful bird!

Australia is home to many species of vibrantly coloured rosella, including Crimson Rosellas, Eastern Rosellas, Western Rosellas, Northern Rosellas, Pale-headed Rosellas, Yellow Rosellas, Adelaide Rosellas and Green Rosellas what a mouthfull to say all of them! So there is probably a rosella or two near you!

Rosellas are often spotted on rooftops, in trees and on fences you might want to ignore the call. So next time you are on your verandah or in the backyard, have a listen out for their amazing distinctive calls.

Now we will meat some mammals!


Enjoy Koalas Around Your Suburb like Koalas!

Koalas live in eucalypt forests in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia in their native habitats

Koalas are very fussy eaters, eating only a few types of eucalypt leaves! They eat up to one kilogram of leaves each day but never eat other typs of leaves.

Reptiles and Frogs

Here are some amazing reptiles.

Blue-tongued Lizards

Funny coloured tongue from too many iceblocks? The Blue Tounge Lizard has!

Summer is the perfect time to spot one of the largest Australian lizards sunning itself in your very own garden. The Blue-tongued lizard, sometimes called a Blue-tongued skink, loves the warm weather and warm spots.

Most suburban Blue-tongues are used to living near people, so they won’t scurry away as soon as you come outdoors like smaller skinks because they are used to people.

But now is time for some frogs!

Green Tree Frog

It Ain't Easy Being Green for The Green Tree Frog

After the sweet relief of cool rains after a long hot day, you might spot a little Green Tree Frog visitor around your place and amazingly he isn't shy. He'll gladly invite himself into your house, your water tank, your drainpipe, toilet, pool, or even mail box it dousn't get much weirder than this!He's just trying to go where it's cool and moist.

Rains bring Australian native frog species out in droves – which is wonderful, as frogs are a great indicator of a healthy environment!

Here Is Some Of Our Animals!

All Amazing Animals!

Amazing In Diffrent Ways

These animals are all amazing in their own way but are diffrent too. I hope you liked the animals.

Please go to Backyard Buddies for more information.

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