Electric Eels


What produces energy and has 6,000 electric organs? It’s the electric eel of course. To find out more about the electric eel and its appearance, habitat, and prey then keep on reading.


The electric eel of the tropical rain forest has a neat appearance. The electric eel is a long, narrow fish. It can be up to eight feet long and weighs 110 pounds. The electric eel can be olive brown, black, blue, purple, and white. The tail is long and pointed. There are two gills and two small fins. There is also a really long fin under its body. This fin starts at the tip of the tail and ends near the throat.
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To find the electric eel, travel down south to the tropical rain forest. More specifically go to Brazil, Venezuela, and Guiana. The electric eels is common to the Amazon River and the Orinoco River. These are muddy rivers in northern South America. It loves living in the fresh water. This fish stays near the edges of lakes, rivers, and ponds, and prefers dark areas.
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Electric eel is a carnivorous animals of the tropical rain forest. It eats frogs and small fish. The electric eel also fruit that falls from the trees. It also eats amphibians, birds, and small mammals. The electric eel stuns their prey to have a quick bite. Sometimes it eats fast so it doesn’t have to stun the prey.
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I think the electric eel is unique and people should save the electric eel. Even though it might sound gross, but they're actually really cool and if people should protect them and help them. I don't know for sure if they are endangered or threatened, but I known we could save them.


Electric Eels

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