The Rise Social Media

The Downfall of Our Generation?

What is Media Literacy?

The term “Media” has taken up a whole new connotation to it. In past generations, the media was nothing more than an outside force from which you were able to get snippets and glimpse of the world through a number of limited sources. These sources included books, television, radio and newspaper to name a few; each one with their own limitations. However, the birth of the World Wide Web changed the game completely. Today, this same information has made itself available in a much more varied array of outlets. These outlets are now accessible at the touch of a finger, literally giving us a link to the rest of the world that we can take anywhere. The combination of technology and social media in particular has morphed into something more personal and viewed by some as a necessary extension of ourselves in the present day world. To be “media literate” in turn has now become something more complicated to achieve, and vastly more important to understand. As the world evolves and changes, so does the way we interact and the way we perceive such interactions. To be media literate is to be able to understand the way people interact, express, and share with each other and with the world through both the new and old forms of media. This understanding enables us to progress even further but, as I've mentioned before, has become even more complicated due to the nature of the internet. As is expected of such big changes in society, the future place of social media is not exactly certain. What we do know is that we alone can shift the direction it will take.

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War (Official :60)

"Make Love Not War" Précis

One of Axe’s most prominent commercially in 2014 was titled “Make Love, Not War” and hit the screen during the superbowl, with aims at asserting its relevance as men’s deodorant company. Axe’s marketing department shifted tactics away from their usual sexy commercials and aired a commercial in which their actors are seen portraying either tyrannical leaders or militant soldiers , about to carry out acts of war and hatred; however the characters soon reveal that their seemingly menacing actions are actually acts of love and peace. Infamously labeled as demeaning towards women, Axe’s new slogan “Make Love, Not War” promotes a completely different message in order to separate itself from the bad publicity of its older commercials and sell its new body deodorant appropriately named “Peace”. It should be noted that for its main audience (men roughly between ages 18-29) the commercial’s impact will be minimal, instead, it will be targeted toward the critics of their marketing.

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Commercial | T-Mobile "No Contract" Classic (2014)

"Time Tebow: No-Contract" Precis

As a mobile network phone company, T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad, “No Contract,” featuring Tim Tebow as their star endorser, looked to introduce the concept of their new no-contract phone plan to millions of people. This commercial utilized the services of famed football player Tim Tebow, who ironically and conveniently is currently a free agent in the player transfer market, and film him doing a number of exciting activities all of which can only be achieved under the freedom of having “no contract.” This commercial was one of the more clever ones and takes Tebow’s current situation and seamlessly merges it with their theme as a phone company in order to illustrate and bring attention to the benefits of a no-contract phone plan. The overall tone of this commercial is fun and joking as it has Tim Tebow poke fun at himself all the while promoting the product to the target audience, which most likely includes phone users on a contract plan and who have just enough knowledge of sports (football in specific) to laugh at the inside joke provided by Tebow himself.


Definition: an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.
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Dystopia: The Walking Dead

AMC's The Walking Dead is a prime example of a dark and bloody dystopia. Set in the state of Georgia (US), the main protagonist, Rick Grimes, awakes from a coma in the hospital to a new world in which the deae have risen and hunt for human flesh. As the show progresses, Rick and his group find that the dead are the least of their problems. This show contains all the 4 points that I consider to be the overall main aspects of a dystopia. The oppession force comes from the T-virus which has devasted the world and forced humans to do grusome things. The struggle for survival is plain to see in this show as each character in the show has the same end-goal to live. Division between people exists as groups form and each decides to follow their own creed which eventually pits groups against each other. Finally each character finds they are fighting a battle which exisit on both a individual and collective level: what is right and what is wrong. As the de facto leader Rick is forced to deal the morality of his actions and on many onoccasions, he almost compromises the rules he has set for his group and himself.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

"There's daggers in men's smiles: the near in blood, the nearer bloody."
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Question Response

The inclusion of the porter's speech is Shakespeare's way of introducing comic relief to the mostly dark and joy-deprived story of Macbeth. typically present in most of his plays this particular scene severs to lighten the mood and, as the name indicates, offers a relief from the build up of tension in Shakespeare's plays. However, this is Macbeth, arguable one of Shakespeare's most dark and morally depressing plays and even the comic relief has an eerie side to it that ironically severs to link the series of events unfolding to something more sinister. The connection can be made by the reader that the knocking on the gate is coming from the devil himself and all of a sudden, the door is no longer an ordinary door, but instead has become the gateway to hell, inviting all evil to enter Macbeth's domain on account of his actions. A bit further down the scene, after the murder of Macduff has come to light, Malcolm and Donalbain make the decision to flee the country in separate directions. This turns out to be there salvation. There hunch that the game was still afoot and the murderer not yet done was correct. Although there sudden leave cause many to point the finger at them as the culprits, it eventually leads to the take back of their lands and titles as the are able to reorganize and figure Macbeth out.

Final Smore Part 1

I think its safe to say that for once, a language arts class actually invoked some sort of thought of mine that was geared towards the future. Media literacy offered me and the rest of the students an array of subjects that related to the core concepts of the class. There was so much to discuss, or that could've been discussed. Among the many topics covered in media literacy the one that captured my attention the most was when we talked about the magnitude and extent of social media's influence on our modern world. Its great to take a step back and asses the world we are living in, to see the cause and effects of our actions and habits, and see the world before us progress toward the future. Another topic that I loved discussing/watching shows of was comedic satire which I had gotten into when I first watched Daily Show and The Colbert Report. The way these guys are able to convey information to the public by using irony and humor is something to get excited about. Through their work, I find myself interested I. The stories the cover and often end up looking into them more to get more perspective. My third favorite moment in this class was the unit in on dystopias. No doubt a popular concept already, these stories offer us warnings and signs of what the future might hold if we take the wrong steps. Brave New World was a book, that although slightly disturbing, did invoke my interest and led my to make comparisons between that society, and the path our society is currently on. To think a language arts class would have so many connections to my actual life was hard to belief before this year.
Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

Final Smore Part 2

As a human society, we often like to make ourselves the center of the universe (both literally and metaphorically). This is a trait that both has aided us and hindered us at many crucial points of our history. As individual human beings the same rule still applies; and I am no exception. In the way I live, the decisions I make, in the steps I take, all of it is affected by whether or not, at that very moment, I consider myself the very center of importance. But through growth and an expansion of my intellectual horizons, it becomes impossible to not consider what my impact will be on the world and if it will ever even be noticed. My reaction to the video, Pale Blue Dot, was a deep pondering of the importance of my actions and its effects on the world. It’s a bit intimidating when you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. But I found my reaction to be a bit different than what I expected. Instead of finding myself overwhelmed by the conception of insignificance, I felt sort of amazed and excited that there was so much more out there to explore and discover, that the world, my world wasn't confined to just the limits of my own two eyes. I guess what I fear most is living a life of ignorance and complacency. Instead of leaving a mark, I want to leave a trail; a trail that leads others to the sort of adventures and experiences you dreamed of having as a kid. A trail that I can look back on and have no regrets of making. That's what I intend to leave to this world and with a bit of luck and perseverance, I can hopefully accomplish it.