The Girl With Many Names

By: Jenna Logwoood

There once was A girl named Lucy. Lucy had just moved to a new village in the town of Iondielle. Her new village was called Shinded Brooks. Lucy had no friends, but on the first day of school Lucy changed that. Lucy met a girl named Henna, and her brother named Ciao. "ugh! I want to make friends with these people but I hate the name Lucy. hmmm.. maybe I'll tell them my name is Jesalyn. Yea! I'll tell them my name is Jesalyn." Lucy told herself. "Hi. My name is Jesalyn!" Lucy said. "Hi I'm Henna and this is my younger brother Ciao." said Henna.

The next day Lucy made ten more friends and each time she introduced herself she said she had a different name. She used the names Kai, Jaqelin, Lindsay, Taylor, Viola, Fiona, Penelope, Hailey, Madi, and Dianna. When it came time for lunch every body was telling each other how they were going to sit by their new friend Kia or Jaqelin, or Taylor etc. Every body was very confused when they sat with Lucy and somebody else was calling her a different name then she told them. Even Lucy was confused. The next day every one was very mad at Lucy and saying stuff like "Your such a liar Madi, if that's even your real name." and others where saying "Yea, what's your real name anyway?"

Finally when it came time for show-and-tell Lucy stood in the front of the class room and said "Can I have every ones attention please? I have a confession to make. My name isn't really Kia, Jaqelin, Lindsay, Taylor, Viola, Fiona, Penelope, Hailey, or Dianna, Its Lucy.

"Why did you have to lie to us" said Henna "Yea, what did we do to you?" said Ciao "Absolutely nothing, I just hated the name Lucy and since none of you guys knew me I thought that this could be my chance to change my name but every time that I changed it I didn't like it. In the end I realized that I should have just stuck with the name, my name, Lucy.

The moral of this fable is to not pretend to be someone that you aren't.