Online safety

how to stay safe online

Secure wireless connection

To make sure that your wireless is safe you should create a password for it . The password could include numbers aswell so that it is even more safe and it should be something that you can remember , if you do not have a password on your wireless connection then anyone could use yours without you realising .


If a scareware message comes up on your screen then the first thing that you should do is check your anti virus software because the messages normally say that your computer has a virus. After this you should just close the message down because it is normally the thing that will carry a virus.

Social networking websites

On social networking websites to keep safe you only talk to people that you know . If you talk to people that you dont know then they could be lying about their age and who they are and just be trying to find out information that they can use about you . It is very important when using these websites to just talk to people you know .

Secure password

To keep your password secure you should have something that only you would know. The other thing to use is if you put numbers or upper and lower case letters this is because it will make it more difficult for someone to guess and if you wanted to you could even put symbols on it .


When using a website to buy online there is a way to check that it is safe . If the website has got an s at the end of http that means that it is a safe one to use when making purchases online .


When you are on your phone you should always keep bluetooth turned off. This is because people can access your data without you knowing .They could also look through your messages and photos , this is also without you knowing about it.

Internet banking

When you are internet banking you should not give your details to anyone unless you know that it is safe. You should also check if the website has https because that will mean that it is a secure website to use and your information is safe when you use it .