Survival in the Canadian wilderness

Learn tips and tricks to survive in the Canadian wilderness

#1 Equipment

# 1 first thing you will need is food and water because food and water will always be the most important so you wont be tired hungry and thirsty and all of those are things that slow you down and make you less active

#2 A compass and a map because you never know when you could get lost and you need to know exactly where are at all times.

#3 A flashlight because you need light to read your map see your compass and know where you are going at all times

#4 A tarp if you are wondering why you would need a tarp because its important in many ways and you will use it in make shelter

#5 Rope you will all ways need rope for something like climbing building and make yourself the shelter you need

#2 Shelter

Things you will need for building your shelter.

#1 a tarp #2 Rope #3 2 trees #4 Rocks and that is it

Step #1 Find 2 trees straight across from each other

Step #2 Tie a rope to the trees And put you tarp over the trees and make it into a tent shape by putting the rocks on top of the tarp on each side

Like this

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#4 food and water

Food and water are the most important thing to survive but they are also some of the hardest things to find

One way i know to find water is to follow animals like squirrels and pigeons

Bird eggs are one of the best sources of nutrition in the wild they can be boiled baked or fried. The first obvious place to find eggs is in nests but not all birds lay there eggs in nests some birds lay there eggs directly on the ground or in a hole

#5 Just to be sure

Always tell someone where you are going and when you are coming back so tat they will know where you are if something happens.

If you are unsure of where you are just walk back and try to find someone if there is no one do not panic panicking is the worst thing you could do and remember to stay positive.

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#6 Getting rescued

If you are lost be sure to make an S.O.S with stones or branches but make sure anyone can see it. You can also write help.
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#7 Starting a fire

Starting a fire is probably one of the hardest things you can do.

He are some steps to help you start a fire

Materials A board of wood with a small wedge a bow, a stick, a stone and some tinder

Step # 1 Put the tinder under the wood then with the bow saw back and fourth until you make an ember then get the ember on the tinder

Step #2 Lightly blow on the tinder.

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#8 Getting meat

One way to get food is to catch small animals .

Materials Bait, a stone big enough to kill a small animal such as a rabbit or squirrel, and a Stick strong enough to hold the stone

Step #1 Place the stick under the rock and balance it so that it wont fall

Step # 2 place the bait right next to stick so that when the animal grabs it the stick will fall and crush the animal.

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#9 Body temperature

You must be able to stay warm so make sure you wear some thick clothes

You might also need some clothes like shorts and T-shirts to so you wont be hot.

#10 cleaning water

One way i learned to purify water is to get a water bottle cut it in half and fill it with mud and rocks then poor water the the part that you cut and let it leak from the bottoms.
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