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Welcome to school year 2022-2023

Greetings parents, families, and guardians,

I am extremely excited about returning to school. I hope you all have had some time to recharge and regroup after a challenging school year. Spending time with family, reading a book, and enjoying warm weather can do wonders for our whole being. As I reflected on last year, and did some recharging myself, I thought about what "filled my battery" to return to school. The answer is my connections.

Connecting with people is essential for our growth and development. A large part of that connection was missed for a year and half. When we returned last school year we were in survival mode, while doing all we could to grasp all that had changed in the world as we know it. Connection to each other, connection to our school community is what was missing last year.

This year our theme is "Stay Connected." Research shows that students that play a sport and/or are active participants in clubs and activities are 67% more successful than their counterparts that a elect not to participate. Our goal this year is to have 100% of our students patriciate in a club, group, or sport. Being engaged with school makes it easier to be engaged in school. Please encourage your students to stay connected by joining a club, sport, or activity. A list of clubs will be shared with the students when school begins.

In this newsletter I will share key initiatives, programs, celebrations, and information with you on a quarterly basis. If you are new to Howard welcome to the family. If you are returning lets continue to build on what we have started on this journey together.

Welcome to the new school year where Staying Connected is our focus.

All the best,

Mr. Kyle Hill


Meet the Administrative Team

Mr. Hill - School Principal

Mr. Przywara (pronounced "Prizz-wah-rah") - Assistant Principal

Dr. McDermott - Assistant Principal

Mr. Brian Mitchell - Assistant Principal

Howard High School of Technology's Core Values

Our core values guide all that we do. A group of teacher leaders collaborated to come up with a set of beliefs that captured the vision and mission of our district and school. We hold all members of our school community to the standard set by our core values. Please read them so you understand how we have planned to educate our students and the principles that guide the way. If the font is too small to read please follow this link HERE
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Attendance at school is one of the most important variables that contribute to student success. Last year we struggled as a school community. This year it is OUR challenge as students, staff, parents and guardians to make drastic improvements to our attendance. Below are some strategies we will implement to help improve our attendance:

1. Keep accurate contact information for parents and guardians so they receive late or absent calls from our attendance clerk

2. Creating engaging learning opportunities to excite students about attending

3. Breakfast is served for free for all students. Stopping for food in the morning is not an acceptable excuse for being late.

4. We will have a system for students who arrive late to school due to bussing challenges. If you student does not receive a pass they will be marked late.

5. Please read and review with your student the attendance expectations sent home earlier this summer. Click HERE to see attendance policy on the website

Stay Connected Wildcats

Staying Connected

Staying connected can happen multiple ways at Howard. You can play a sport, join a club, become a school leader, or all of the above. The research shows that students that engage with school in one of the activities are 68% more likely to be successful academically.

Howard has excelled in athletics, winning multiple conference and state titles. We offer a host of different clubs and opportunities for leadership. Please see the list below and encourage your student to get connected.

  • Art Club
  • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
  • College Access Club
  • Gamers Club
  • Future Health Professionals (HOSA)
  • Gentlemen's Club
  • Howard Leading Ladies
  • Dance Club
  • Interact Club
  • National Honor Society (NHS)
  • SkillsUSA
  • Law and Order Club
  • Yearbook

We have more and if you don't see something you are interested in, we encourage you to share ideas for clubs with the administration that we may be able to add.

Things You Need To Know


Bus Stop Information

Bus stop information for the 2022-2023 school year will be posted in the Home Access Center (HAC) on Wednesday, August 17th. Students and parents will be able to view their most up-to-date bus information by logging into HAC. A link to HAC can be found on all school websites by clicking the “Quick Links” tab on the main menu.

Upperclassmen (10th-12th)

All returning parents and students HAC information is the same as last year.

Students new to Howard (9th grade)

All HAC login information will mailed home. Once you receive your log in information you can follow the steps in the link HERE.

Parents/Guardians and students will have separate login information.

Breakfast and Lunch at Howard

Over the last two school years all students received free lunch due to Covid -19 waivers from the state. During the 2022-2023 school year only student who qualify for free lunch will be able to each lunch at no cost. Students that qualify for reduced lunch will eat at a decreased price. All other students will have to pay for lunch.

Families must complete meal benefit forms that was mailed earlier this summer to determine if your student(s) are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

All students will continue to be offered free breakfast daily in our cafeteria. Food deliveries are not allowed at all. This includes but not limited to the following; family members, restaurants, uber eats, or door dash. Students may bring

We are a digtal paperless school community - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Digital Information

Howard High School of Technology - website


1. HAC is your main connection to our school. It provides information for all of the following:

  • Reports Cards & Interims (NO Paper copies are mailed)
  • Class schedules (NO paper copies are given) students will access their schedules on their Chromebook.
  • Students bus schedule and stops can be found in HAC

2. Chromebooks: Must come to school everyday charged.

  • Students use their Chromebooks every day in every class
  • It is their most important tool they will use daily

3. Contact information

  • Make sure we have your correct address, email, and phone number.
  • Listen to our School Messenger calls and emails. They have vital information that we share weekly.
  • If you are not receiving calls please verify that your information is correct in HAC. It is correct and you are still not receiving calls please contact the main office at 302-571-5400

Wellness Center & School Nurse

Health & Safety

The health and welfare of our staff and students are at the forefront of all that we do. Over the past few years health protocols have become a huge presence in schools across the nation. They continue to be necessary to our efforts to remain safe and healthy.

The guidelines for COVID changed rapidly and we communicated in multiple ways with our school community to inform them of any updates or changes that caused us to pivot. It is important to listen to calls from the school, visit our website frequently, and log into HAC to ensure you always have the most information available.

Mask Wearing

As of August 2022, mask wearing is optional. If the expectations change we will inform everyone, thorough school messenger and email.


Your students career path is why they selected Howard for their high school experience. If you are a freshmen you will go through a rotation of all 14 career areas so you can make an informed decision. Your score in the rotations will be comprised of attendance, work completion, and grades on your assignments. No student is guaranteed a particular shop. Doing well in all rotations is critical to getting the highest rotation score possible.


The students that get the highest scores on their overall rotation grade typically get their first choice of the career areas. Once placed in a shop/career area there is no switching shops. Please encourage your students to take this process seriously and to do their best. Below are list of all of the shop. Our shops offer industry certifications if one is available and/or college credit.

  1. Auto Diesel
  2. Culinary
  3. Building Automated Systems (electical)
  4. Dental Assisting
  5. Legal Admin Assisting
  6. Medical Assisting
  7. Teacher Academy (Early childhood & K-12)
  8. Legal Support Services
  9. Cosmetology
  10. Academy of Finance
  11. Nurse Tech
  12. Engine Tech (Small engine machines)
  13. Carpentry
  14. Information Technology Networking

All Students

Passing your shop is critical to your completion of your program at Howard. Unlike your academic courses there are less opportunities to recover experience, time, and credits in yours shop. Our goal is to expose our students to a world class CTE experience and get them working during their senior year. Please stay focused and stay current with all of your work in your career area.

If your shop has a certification associated with the career path you select, the expectation is that your student will sit for the exam at the end of the program. This comes at a cost that will be discussed in your students shop. Please make sure you plan to have your student participate in the exam but preparing and saving for the cost of the exam. Please contact your student's shop teacher with any questions about this topic.

Beginning of School Documents

Parent Notification (Student Release Form) Click HERE

- Description: discussing the importance of student and parent basic information. How it is used, when it is used, and why we need it.

Notificación a los padres (Formulario de liberación del estudiante) Haga clic AQUÍ - Descripción: discutir la importancia de la información básica de los estudiantes y los padres. Cómo se usa, cuándo se usa y por qué lo necesitamos.

Bullying Information - Click HERE

- Description: information on the schools responsibility to post and share contact information to the Delaware Department of Justice

Accident Insurance (English - Click HERE

- Description: Voluntary participation Student and Athletic Accident Insurance.

Seguro de Accidentes (Español) Click AQUÍ

- Descripción: Participación voluntaria Seguro de Accidentes Estudiantiles y Deportivos

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