Tangshan earthquake

July 28,1976

Time and date of the Tangshan earthquake

At 3:42 am July 28th, 1975 magnitude of 7.8 in northeastern China. Totally unexpected and killed over 240,000 people.


In a little village outside of Tangshan the water supposivly the water was rising and falling, the colors were changing, flashes on lights, fireballs flying in the air, street ,Ishtar going in and out barley having any light. There also was reports of very strange wind, moving full trash cans, parked cars a couple of Iniches,
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This is a memorial site for people to visit their loved ones that didn't not make it trough this terrible event. For a exact total of deaths was 242,419 and 500,000 severally injured, and at least 168,581 family's completly gone. Every peron in that family did not make it through the earthquake. So almost every person in Tangshan was affected by the terrible earthquake.