Oakwood Orchestra News

November/December 2014-5th Grade Edition

From Ms. Read and Mr. Duston

Can it really be November already?!? Your students are hard at work preparing for the Winter Concert. They are reading notes fluently, using their bows most of the time, and learning to play as an ensemble. One of the hardest parts of orchestra is playing one part while someone near you plays something entirely different. The students are doing an incredible job with this monumental task! They are making amazing progress and we can't wait to show off for you.

Practice Records

I want to take this opportunity to clarify the practice record procedure. Students are supposed to enter their practice time in the online system by Sunday AND turn in a parent signature slip as confirmation on Mondays. I only check Essential Elements Interactive if a student turns in their parent signature page. I record the student's grade and return the parent signature page to them so that they can use it again. We use the same parent signature page for the entire six weeks.

Parent signature sheets are due on Monday but I accept them on Tuesday with no penalty per the school's policy. Starting Wednesday, the highest grade a student can make is a 60.

If you experience computer trouble and your student is unable to record their practice online, please have them record what they practiced and for how long on a piece of paper. They can turn in the paper with their parent signature slip and still receive full credit.

I will also be reviewing this policy in class but I wanted to clarify my expectation. Thank you for helping your students keep up with their practicing!

We have a several events happening in orchestra between now and winter break. Take a look below and let Ms. Read know if you have any questions or concerns!

Upcoming Events


Nov. 12: Fundraiser Begins (Optional)

  • World's Finest Chocolate and/or Stay at Home Fundraiser Invitations Distributed
  • Students must have a signed permission slip to participate in either fundraiser

Nov. 24: Fundraiser Ends
  • All money from the World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser due

Nov. 26-30: Thanksgiving Holiday

  • Students are required to practice this week! I am only requiring 1 hour (60 minutes) but it is important that students practice since our concert is the next week.


Dec. 4: Individual Portraits (Optional)
  • You can order professional portraits of your child with their instruments. The pictures will be taken during class.

Dec. 4: Winter Concert @ 7 pm @ AMCMS Gym
  • Uniform: Orchestra Polo, Black Pants/Skirt, Black Sock/Hose, and Black Dress Shoes
  • Cellos/Basses: Bring Home Instruments
  • Students will need to be unpacked in the AMCMS Band Hall by 5:15 pm
  • Students are required to stay and listen to the 6th grade performance
  • A group picture will be taken at the conclusion of the concert
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Mr. Paul Duston

AMCMS Orchestra