Carl the Bear Talks About Himself

Connor George

About Myself

My name is Carl. I am a bear. I am very good at catching fish. I am so skilled that I am surprised I do not get jobs to catch them for others. I also love to eat them. Whenever I catch a fish, it finds its way into my large stomach and turns into a delicious meal. I like the woods and like to explore new areas around my home. I like to live near a river so I can easily catch yummy fish. Though, if you happen to be strolling near my home and I am feeling rather hungry, then watch out because when I am hungry, anything can make a good snack.
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Dream Date

My dream date would be a very good looking wolf. This wolf would have to be smart, a good hunter, and a good protector. I could get fish and she could get other meats. This wolf also will have to protect the family. When other predators try to attack our family, she will be there to help me hold them off. Also, if she is smart, we would be able to have more strategic homes and ways of catching are prey so we are more effective when getting our food.