September 21, 2020

Dates to Remember

9/21/2020 - Food Distribution (3:45pm - 5:00pm)

9/22/2020 - Food Distribution(3:45pm - 5:00pm)

9/25/2020 - All scholars are learning virtually (no in-person lessons)

From the Desk of the Principal

Hello families of Trix Academy,

Thank you to everyone who attended the Parent Forum sessions last week. During both sessions, a demonstration of logging into and navigating Blackboard was provided. If you need help or support with navigating Blackboard, please contact the office at (313) 426-1020 or email Ms. Coleman at Additionally, all families attending had the opportunity to ask questions and/or express any concerns. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to call the office or email Ms. Coleman.


Detra Coleman, Ed.S.

Trix Academy School Leader

Accepting New Scholar Applications

Trix Academy is accepting new scholar applications. If you are aware of a family who is searching for a safe, nurturing and educationally focused school, please call the office at (313) 426-1020 or visit for enrollment information.

Breakfast and Lunch Programs

Trix Academy is providing breakfast and lunch for all scholars. For those scholars who are in-person, breakfast is served from 8:05am until 8:30am in each classroom to ensure social distancing is being observed. Scholars who are in-person also receives lunch according to their specified time. The days when those scholars are at home, Trix Academy is still providing breakfast and lunch for scholars to take home with them.

Scholars who are remaining home for 5 days of virtual learning also are able to receive breakfast and lunch. The pick up times are Monday and Tuesday between the hours of 3:45pm and 5:00pm. If the time does not align with your schedule, please contact the office at (313) 426-1020 to schedule an appointment to pick up breakfast and lunch.

Big picture

Virtual Learning in Progress

It was great to see last week the number of scholars engaged in online learning. Thank you parents and scholars for taking an active role in the learning process. Please continue to log into each session on time as this will help with the start and flow of the lesson. As a gentle reminder, the camera has a wide range and the microphone picks up all sounds in the background, therefore please be aware of the surroundings. Scholars are becoming familiarized with muting their microphone when they are not speaking, which is helping with everyone being able to hear the teacher.

Virtual Learning Tips

The virtual learning environment is a different way than many of us have learned in the past. Below are a few tips to help with the "new" way of learning.

  • Think of your child being in a classroom when engaged in learning at home. Just as parents normally do not sit in the class at all times with your scholar, the same is true for virtual learning. While we love to see parents involved in learning, please try not to be on camera with your child. Many of the scholars are self-sufficient and are tech savvy. They will be able to navigate, especially our second graders and up.

  • Allow your child to have productive struggle. This means, if your child(ren) do not know the answer to a question, allow the teacher to help your scholar think through the information that was shared find their way to the answer. Often times when children or people in general are given the answer, it is just repeated and not necessarily understood.

  • Find a place that is distraction free. People talking or making a lot of noise is the background can be distracting for those trying to learn virtually. It is the same as if someone is trying to read an important document and is continuously interrupted by someone talking.

  • If you have multiple scholars learning, have each one use headphones or earbuds to prevent them from distracting each other.

Second Week of NWEA Testing

The first week of NWEA testing has passed and the second week has arrived. This week kindergarten through second grade scholars will be of priority to test. Thank you to all of the parents who have agreed to send your scholar for in-person testing. This is very advantageous for scholars because any technical issues that arise can be addressed immediately and scholars are back in the normal environment where they are accustomed testing.

As a gentle reminder, Trix Academy's schedule has been developed to ensure, if a parent or family request for their child(ren) to attend in-person, all safety measures can be implemented and followed. Every classroom is set up to allow for social distancing and this will be the same for the testing environment as well.

Please call the office at (313) 426-1020 or email Ms. Coleman at, if you have any questions.

Kickboard: Parent Access Codes

Kickboard parent access code, were mailed last week to the address on file with the school. If you do not receive your access code by Thursday, please call the office or email Ms. Hayes at It is very important to receive your access code because this will help families stay connected to your child(ren) behavioral decisions while being part of the learning environment as well as receive school announcements. Kickboard has a mobile friendly app that can be downloaded. Instructions are included with the access codes families will receive.

Scholars will begin earning Kickboard dollars this week. Scholars will be rewarded for making positive choices by having virtual dollars added to their Kickboard account. The same is true for the opposite. If a scholar does not make a positive decision and it distracts from a positive climate and culture and/or distracts from the learning environment, dollars will be deducted. Scholars have a weekly goal of earning at least $80 and a staff has a weekly goal of at least 75% positivity ratio.

Third Grade Reading Law

Being a good reader is critical if a student is going to be successful in school. In order for students to be college and career ready, it is important that they have strong literacy skills. In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed House Bill No. 4822 to ensure that children who exit Third Grade are reading at grade level.

In accordance with this law, and as a means of better informing classroom instruction, we will complete assessments in Kindergarten through Third Grade. These assessments will identify students who need intensive reading instruction and will also provide useful information to help teachers tailor instruction to meet individual student needs. Students will be assessed in reading at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. The law also requires districts to provide written communication with parents of Kindergarten through Third Grade students who are not meeting proficiency targets. These notifications and a reading plan were given and discussed at Parent-Teacher Conferences during the first parent teacher conference. It is critical for everyone to be on the same page regarding Michigan’s reading law. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the principal.

Dress Code

Trix Academy is a uniform school. All scholars in grades K-8 are expected to be in proper uniform daily. Please ensure your child(ren) are in uniform daily.

  • Grades K-3: Red polo shirt with black or khaki pants.
  • Grades 4-5: Gray polo shirt with black or khaki pants.
  • Grades 6-8: Solid black or white shirt with black or khaki pants.

During the cooler months, scholars may wear long sleeves or sweaters. All long sleeves or sweaters, must match the uniform color for the specific grade level. Jean and sweat pants are not allowed.