Robert Millikan

All About Robert Millikan

Robert Millikan was an american physicist.He was born march 22, 1868 in Morrison, Illinois.He graduated from Oberlin college in 1891, got a doctorate at Columbia university in 1895.In 1896 he became an assistant at the university of Chicago, where he became a full professor in 1910.
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Robert Millikan's contributions to the science of chemistry

Between 1908 to 1917 Robert Millikan measured the charge of a electron with the following apparatus.In the following experiments, the atomizer from a perfume bottle

was used to spray water or oil droplets into the sample chamber so they fell through a pinhole between two plates of an electric field, where they could then be observed through a microscope.a series of x rays was used to ionize the air by removing electrons from the molecules in the air..By carefully studying these individual droplets, he discovered that the charge of a drop was always an integral multiple of a small, but finite value. His data was then converted to SI units, the charge on a drop was discovered to be some multiple of 1.59 x 10 -19. Combining the following value for the charge on a single electron with the charge to the mass ratio for the electron confirmed Thomson's hypothesis. The mass of an electron was at least 1000 times smaller than the lightest atom.

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
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fun facts about robert millikan

During his sophmore year at Oberlin he was asked to teach an introductory level physics class.He received his phd in 1895. he wanted to raise his academic rank, that was why he decided to research the charge of the electron. when he tried his experiment, he found that water evaporated to quickly which explains why he used oil in his experiments. he was the second of six children.

How did he die???

Death and legacy. Millikan died of a heart attack at his home in San Marino, California in 1953 at age 85, and was interred in the "Court of Honor" at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California

family life

He married Greta Erwin Blanchard in 1902. he had three sons Clark Blanchard Millikan, Glenn Allan Millikan, and Richard Deming.